My little Walter

My little Walter
Walter, Pedrito and Dulcinea

Thursday, August 15, 2013

At the nephew's house?

This past Sunday, August 11th his owner brought Walter back to graze at our house.  I was thinking perhaps he was going to let him spend the night as it was 9:15 p.m. and no one had come for him.

I was outside watering the trees when a shadow startled me.  I was deep in thought and did not notice him in our property.  He is a very tall man and he usually has his cowboy hat on but not I had no idea who the shadow belonged to for a moment.

He was actually pleasant and thanked me for letting me bring Walter over.  Said he was going to feed him supper.  Of course I did not believe him but lord and behold since I was outside I actually heard him filling up the ice chest with his horse pellets...I also snuck over to the corral to make sure I heard right.  Sure enough he had fed him.

Monday I did not see him when I went to check up on him but thought nothing of it perhaps he was in front of their house eating weeds.  Went to Walmart and as I was making my way to the store noticed the kid looking my way.  I was in dad's old car and that is one vehicle in which you can not go incognito in Del Rio being red and 31 years old they know for sure it is me.  His father with his long legs was way in front of his little brother and himself.  They had Walter's trailer attached to the truck...but no Walter :-(

It is Thursday night and he is not back.  Perhaps he is at the nephew's house?  Wherever he is I hope he has water, food and shade!

Sunday, August 11, 2013

John "Walter" Deere at work

Post for Sunday August 4, 2013

I had a feeling that Walter's owner would bring him over the day we decided to go to San Angelo, Texas.  Me and my premonitions...sure enough that is what he did.

I do not know this man's last name or his telephone number but he knows ours. I left him a note on his door last year when Walter went AWOL that included it.  Even if he did not have it, we have a note on our front door with it so people can call since it is difficult to hear someone knocking from inside the house.

You would think he would have the courtesy to at least knock or call to ask if it is OK to bring Walter over in case we would not be home.  Case in point...we were going out of town without knowing when we would return.  Guess that is just asking for too much from the likes of him.

We have a constant source of water from the dripping A/C so at least I can depend on him having 6 to 8 gallons daily which is more than I can say he has in his corral.

Whenever he comes over I  put out a tub of water at each water take so if the sun is hitting one in the morning he can go to the other one in the opposite side of the house.  This one is in the back of the house and for some reason he seems to prefer it over the other two.

He has lots of grass and weeds to graze on :)

This is the plastic tub I have for him in the front of the house.

Waldo seems to think this is his house and he naps here all day.  He was napping when Walter arrived but when he saw him get too close to him...he took off like a bat out of hell, jajajajajaja :D

I was so happy seeing my little John "Walter" Deere going from one side of the property to the next grazing to his hearts content. :-)

Saturday, August 3, 2013

It took them four days...

In the past the most they would go without watering him was three days...this time the darn kid pushed the envelope and it took him four damn days!

What is his problem?  Does he want Walter to die so he wont have the chore of feeding and watering him? Studies show that kids that abuse animals will grow up to be abusers as adults.  What kind of parents does he have that turn a blind eye to what he is doing to Walter and Pacquiao?

His mother is either on vacation, they cut her hours or something but she has been home during the day.  Drove past their house and saw that she has him washing, hanging and then taking down the clothes as well as sweeping their back porch.  He also has to baby sit his younger brother.  Is this the reason he is taking it out on his animals?