My little Walter

My little Walter
Walter, Pedrito and Dulcinea

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Mounds of manure

Since school let out I have not seen that teenager once during the day.  Guess he is busy sleeping late in his air conditioned house, watching TV and/or playing video games with his little brother.  Wait, he is sixteen...he is probably on Facebook or on his cell phone talking to equally lazy girls his age.

While Walter is outside in the elements, standing around an ever increasing pile of manure.

What is Walter supposed to do....shovel it?

Walter is a big horse and this is supposed to be his sun is he supposed to fit under all this pile of pooh...I would say another word but I am supposed to be a lady!

They finally started to feed him hay out of the new wet bale but as usual...they forgot to give him water.  No one has bothered to even pick up the barrel off of the ground since yesterday.

The neighbors that live next to Walter's owners or rather their son or perhaps brother caught me watering him and taking pictures today but I do not really care.

Friday, June 20, 2014

New bale of hay / heavy rains

On father's day I saw that his owner had unloaded that large stock tank (for lack of a better term) and had moved his horse trailer closer to his corral.  I have no idea if he actually took him somewhere.

He also brought home a new bale of hay...did not feed it to him only bought it.

Last night we had heavy rains and during the lighting strikes as I looked out the window I did not see him under his shade structure, he looked to be running from side to side poor little Walter :-(

Went to check up on him this morning and his corral was a muddy mess and NO ONE had gone to feed or water him.  I am running low on his horse pellets so I fed him a little bit of them as well as the grass clipping from the front yard that I made sure and stored in the garage to keep them dry.

His barrel needed to be filled yesterday but with the rain we received last night he had some water in it this morning.

Saturday, June 7, 2014

96 degree day

Late yesterday afternoon there were threatening clouds and a lot of wind. Decided to move dad's old car out of the garage in case we got hail and put the Toyota in its place. That is when I saw his owner walking towards the corral carrying a bag of horse pellets on his shoulder.

From my vantage point saw him open up the bag, pour it in a plastic receptacle and then give Walter some along with a portion of hay.  I know he saw me sitting in the car watching him, it did not bother him one bit.  What he forgot was to fill his water barrel...why is it he and the kid always assume it is full?

This afternoon around 1:00 p.m. I went to check on him and he had downed his barrel to let them know it was empty.  They were all home yet no one gave him water.  For those new to the blog...I do not feed or water him on weekends during the day, as I do not want to get caught.

Ran an errand in town and it was terribly hot.  From the road I could see his down barrel.  He was standing beside it like saying "Can't you see I don't have any water?"...I could not stand it, so I filled up some gallon milk jugs and headed for the corral. Poor little Walter, he downed 6.5 gallons.

Had to run another errand this afternoon and gave him two more gallons.  I came home around 8:00 p.m. and nothing had changed.  Last time I went to check on him was 9:05 p.m. and the results were the food, no water on a 96 degree day.

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Horse Flies Galore

I was fairly busy today between watering trees and the leaking meter, that I did not get to check on Walter until around 3:00 p.m.  When I did he had no water and he looked hungry.

There was a lot of green grass where the leak was, so pulling it out was easy but first I gave him water.  Right away he drank six gallons.

I kept an eye on him and would bring him water but once you feed him. he wont go for the water...he wants food!  Later on in the evening his worthless owners were home but not a one came to check on him.

His face was covered with horse flies and he could barely keep his eyes open.  He kept on rubbing his face on the concrete fence, so I guess they were biting him too.

Nine o'clock came and went and no water or food.  Came back at 9:50 p.m. and in that interval he was finally fed and watered.

Monday, June 2, 2014

June update

I promised myself that I was not going to write another post until I had something positive to say...have been waiting for a long time.

It really pains me to write the same thing over and water, no food, no one to pay attention to him, his dilapidated shelter, his face covered with horse flies and the one that breaks my heart...eating his own feces.

Last night I went to check on him and someone had fed him earlier as he was munching away on his hay.  However, the water barrel was tilted which indicated that he had little or no water.  Came and offered him some but he turned me down. Got some of the cool water and patted his face with it. I think he just wanted to be petted and then he went back to eating his supper.

I stayed out for a long time watering the trees and I saw someone in a white t-shirt making their way to the corral but could not tell who it was.  This morning we were supposed to go out of town so I was up early and went to check on him. I noticed that his barrel was almost full and not tilted anymore.  I guess someone either last night or earlier today filled it up. It gets better...they had put out more hay for him...Yeah!!!