My little Walter

My little Walter
Walter, Pedrito and Dulcinea

Monday, August 18, 2014

Who moved the dead cat?

Had to make a trip to town and as I was approaching the stop sign on our street I noticed that the dead cat was no longer inside our property but just outside the downed fence.

How strange, as nasty as it looked yesterday...who would have moved it?  The lazy teenager and his friends were parked in a red truck by the corral. Did the stink get to them?  I seriously doubt they would have moved it for Walter's sake.

On the way back I snapped a quick picture but either I am blind or I just did not get the cat in the picture. Well, in a way that is wasn't a pretty picture. Oh yikes...I just saw him or her.  Do not click on the picture if you don't want to see it. I only snapped it to document the event, not because I enjoy taking gruesome pictures :-(

Went to check on Walter later on in the afternoon but they had him grazing in front of their house.  I could not even call it grazing since they really do not have anything for the poor horse to eat.

Ralph finally made an appearance and after feeding him we went back to the corral but a little cotton tail caught his attention and he decided to chase it instead of protecting me!

Sunday, August 17, 2014

Out of horse pellets

I got up early this morning so I could go to the grocery store before the masses descended on HEB.  It must of rained somewhere in the county last night because it was pleasant outside at 7:15 a.m.

Went to open the gate when Ralph came running towards me meowing he wanted to eat.  Told him he had to wait after we went to check on Walter.  Darn cat didn't even follow me!

He had water but had not been fed.  As a matter of fact he was not fed until late this evening...worthless people...grrrrr!!!

I am out of horse pellets and I can not buy anymore because I have five bags of red mulch that have been sitting in the trunk of my car for weeks now (was planning on taking them to Houston).  Both my leg and my back have been hurting me so there is no way I can get them down without risking injury.

Those people have not taken off his broken lead and that metal hook weighs quiet a bit.

It did not appear that he had water in his barrel though it was not downed.  I took him water twice but he refused to drink it.  He wanted food but I did not have any except for grass but the lazy teenager's friends or cousins were outside and I did not want to be seen feeding him.

On a separate topic, there has been this nasty smell in the air when I have been outside. When I was coming back from HEB, I saw a vulture by the same fence that borders the corral.  It appears to be a dead orange and white cat or small dog.  It was swollen and full of flies so I did not get close.

I do not know if he got run over and came into our yard through the downed fence or if he was dumped there.  Anyway poor Walter has to put up with that foul smell as well :-(

Thursday, August 14, 2014

They did not bring him back

If you are perhaps wondering if his owners brought Walter back...No, they did not. Can't say that I am very surprised as that man has no word and is teaching that kid by example.

If anything poor little Walter is grounded...much like I was during my teenage years :(

Yesterday he kept on boobing his head and coming to the fence line but he had food and was obvious he wanted to come over.

This morning we had to go out of town so I did not get a chance to check-up on him. Only saw that his water container was not over turned.  However, on our way back...his barrel was on the ground.  I swear those miserable people do not deserve to have him.

It was late and I had to feed my mother first.  I later went to scope the territory so I could bring him water without being seen.  Was surprised they had filled his water container and he was drinking from the top for a change.

They had also given him hay.

We almost had a tragedy this morning.  I am not used to having a cat around anymore and my car is so low to the ground, that I had no idea Ralph was napping under it.  Will need to get in the habit of honking my horn.

This afternoon when we came home he came to the kitchen door and started to meow letting us know he was there.  However, when I went to feed him this evening he was nowhere to be found.  Yesterday he was a no show.

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Little Walter came for a visit

I over-slept this morning so only managed to eat a bowl of cereal before we had to leave for a doctor's appointment.  As usual I always look out the window towards Walter's corral and saw his little head was swinging from side to side.  That means he does not have water and/or has not been fed.

Walter... I am already late so you will have to wait till we get back...I'm sorry! However, when we passed his house I presume his owner who is back from wherever he goes or the kid had filled up his water barrel as his head was not submerged in his usually empty blue container.

When we were coming back home I looked in the direction of his corral but did not see him. Sometimes he lays down to take a nap and you have to go slow in order to see him from the road.  It so happened that I had a car riding my rear who was not paying attention to the fact that I was going to turn into our house even though I had my signal light on, so I did not get a good look inside his corral.

We were eating when I heard a loud noise outside the kitchen followed by a thump on the roof.  Had no idea what the loud noise was but figured the roof noise was caused by Ralph or another cat chasing birds.  A while later I looked out the window and I saw Walter galloping towards his corral but inside our yard.

I had not closed the gate so I ran outside to do that.  Thought how odd that his owner had not seen it open.  This lady in a white SUV stopped when she saw me to let me know that a horse was loose and looked like he was angry and to be careful.  Thanked her but told her the horse knew me and I was sure I could calm him down...she did not look convinced and waited until I approached him.

When he saw me he let me pet him, he had calmed down so she drove away.  Set up his water containers at the two water takes mother has and noticed he had this short red lead so I grabbed it and took him to the nearest one.  Funny why does he have this lead on?

The last time he was here was in August 2013 so I was very glad to see him for as you know, if you read my other blog...the native grass and the weeds are out of control.  I need my John "Walter" Deere to help me out.

My mother wanted him to graze out of the front yard.  Told her he had a mind of his own, he was like a kid at a candy store...going from one lot to the other eating at his leisure.

We are under Stage 1 water restrictions and our address can only water on Monday...either early morning or late evening.  Went out there this evening and was surprised his owners had not come to retrieve him.

I saw this big flash of light on the north part of the property and went to check it out but saw no one (could it have been Border Patrol thinking Walter was an illegal alien?).  After a while I saw a black SUV like the type the owner's wife has out by the church turning on and off its high beams in the direction of the walking trail.

Then Walter who was in the back lot came running to the fence to look at the car...evidently recognizing it and like I am.  Could it be that Walter ran away from home?

The car then turned around and came down our street.  They saw him and parked by the down fence and both the father and kid got off and came into our yard.  It is dark in our back yard and they could not see me. I was still watering the trees and got closer. They were checking him over real good.  That is when it became apparent why his lead was short...he must of broke it when he got away and came to our house.

I decided to make my presence known and told the father "Thank you for bringing Walter, we have plenty of grass for him to eat, please feel free to bring him again." Maybe I startled him because at first he did not say anything, I guess he did not want to admit Walter escaped, all he said was "Thank you, I will bring him tomorrow".

The kid lowered the barb wire fence they put up a while back and took him to his corral while the father got in the SUV and drove off with his wife.  I just wanted to bust out laughing but kept my composure.  I always tell Walter..."Run away from home and come over" and I will be darned if that is not what he did today!

Ralph was glad he left and finally came out of hiding :)

Friday, August 8, 2014

Fed twice in one day!

Like I mentioned on my main blog, I had a hard time going to sleep and did not wake up until 1:30 p.m.  Glad I fed Walter last night because the darn kid never did.

I was not concerned about him having food as I was him having water. It reached 102 degrees today.  It wasn't until 1:55 p.m. that I saw someone by the corral. I could not make out if it was that worthless teenager or someone else. I waited a while and then walked over to confirm it at 2:10 p.m.  Sure enough someone uprighted his barrel, filled it up and gave him hay.

Went back home glad to see he was taken care of.  This evening Ralph and I paid him another visit.

There were lots of little yellow flowers this afternoon
and it kept Ralph entertained

To our surprise someone had fed him again!  Believe me this seldom happens.

They even filled up his barrel once more.

Walter prefers to eat and ignores the world around him when he does.  This evening he quit eating and came to the fence line to be petted and photographed for his blog :)

His poor skin feels so rough from the sun but he is still a handsome lad.

Ralph got a little closer to the fence line, in fact I almost fell on top of him as I did not know he was behind me...I thought he had stayed looking at Walter from the same location as yesterday.

When Walter went to get a drink I knew he had enough water to get him by until tomorrow which once again will be in the 102 degree range.

Note his head is not submerged in the barrel
because it was recently filled.

Thank you for visiting little Walter's blog.

Thursday, August 7, 2014

Walter meets Ralph

I feel so bad for not making more trips during the day to check-up on Walter.  Late this afternoon I came outside and Walter immediately saw me and began moving side to side in desperation...I already knew what that meant :-(

Though I have gallon milk jugs outside, I came inside and filled up two with fresh cool water.  Just as I thought, here it reached 101 degrees and that worthless teenager didn't even bother to check on him or fill his water barrel.

For those new to Walter's blog I have back problems and if that was not enough...I recently developed severe pain in my legs.

To get to Walter's corral I have to go through a rocky area as well as through some prickly plants to avoid been seen by his owners. Today I had a bodyguard whom I have named Ralph and who also wanted to meet Walter :)

I can only carry two gallons at a time and he got tired of following me back and forth, so he decided to wait for me as he kept an eye on Walter.

If this was a video you could see little Walter
moving his head back and forth.

At first he kept his distance as he watched me talking to Walter and petting him. After a while he got closer.  Little Walter did not seem to pay much attention to Ralph.

When I went to get his horse pellets I saw my neighbor walking her dog.  She is the one that told me she has to feed Ralph and his pal the dog because her worthless neighbors wont feed them.

Needless to say when I got back he was gone...had gone after my neighbor for his second supper.