My little Walter

My little Walter
Walter, Pedrito and Dulcinea

Sunday, September 28, 2014

He came to graze

Mom called out to me because she saw this big brown thing by the garage and did not know what it could be.  Looked out the window and it was half of Walter's body, lol.

It was 11:15 a.m. but we have no idea what time they brought him.  Went to check that they had raised the barbed wire and they had.  Then went about filling up his water containers.

I was not expecting him but I am so glad his owner brought him.  He ate and ate going from one lot to the other and drank freshly poured water.

I did see a man but it was not his owner, weed eating by the lot where his corral sits.  Glad Walter got to graze and also that his feet were not in that wet and nasty mud.

Some parts are still wet so he left his hoof prints :D

He left like he arrived...without notice.  I got busy and by the time I went outside he was already in his corral.  At least tonight I do not have to wonder if he is hungry or has water.

Friday, September 26, 2014

The downside to rain

We had been warned that rains were in the forecast but they do not always materialize. We were expecting rains last night but they arrived this morning.  I love rain, this area of Texas is experiencing extreme drought conditions and they are needed and welcomed.

The only downside to rain is poor Walter and his soggy corral.

After the rain stopped, I went to check on him and he came up to me with his sad eyes and shaking his head back and forth.  Decided to feed him early before the next batch of storms arrived.

I usually do not feed him until after ten o'clock at night, to give his worthless owners the opportunity to do what is their responsibility to do. For a while now they have only been feeding him in the morning, if they feed him at all.

Weed eating

This morning as we passed Walter's house, we saw his owner actually weed eating his yard.

When we returned he had done a fair job cleaning up and Walter was grazing on some tall grass.  It made me feel better that he was out of that hideous hell hole where he is confined to.

Ralph came by yesterday, I had not seen him in days.  He looked like he had just awaken and he kept on meowing wanting food.  I chewed him out but I fed him. I guess he is the ideal cat, not mine and only comes around when he wants to.

I go outside late at night and look at the sky and just enjoy a quite moment.  This is the fourth night that I see a black cat out there.  For some reason I think he, Ralph and another pale yellow cat are from the same litter.

Saturday, September 20, 2014

He goes by many aliases

This morning I got up early as I had a lot of errands to run.  Went to go check on him and he had little water and no one had fed him yet.  I offered him some water but stubborn Walter refused to drink it.

Kept an eye out for him from the kitchen window but no one had fed him and it was noon.  I went and cut him some more green grass and slowly feed it to him but not without first checking to see if his owners were home...they weren't, at least the cars were not there.

I was busy with other stuff and I was not able to make it to Sutherlands until after they had closed so decided to go to Walmart on a Saturday evening!  am I crazy? Thankfully it was not crowded.  I bought him some horse pellets for senior horses.

Ran into my neighbors...think I have mentioned them...they are the ones that feed Ralph and his pal the dog because their owner never does.  We got to talking about Ralph and it turns out they named him Chico!

My neighbor said that she takes her daughter to the bus stop because it is still dark and when she opens the door both the cat and his pal the dog are by the front door waiting to be fed.  She said "they think this is McDonald's and they can be fed 24 hours"...we had a good laugh about it.

Told her I had not seen Ralph or Chico in days.  She says he visits a lot of wonder my mother saw him and said "He is fat, I know you have been feeding him".  Yep, he looks like he has put on some weigh :)

He did love his first canned meal though.

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Walter amogst the purple sage

Today is trash day so I was up early and went to check on Walter.  Surprisingly someone had given him some hay but I had my doubts if his water barrel was really full.

Last night we had a heavy shower that lasted all of four minutes but I knew that was enough to add more misery to his already wet corral.  Since he was eating I left him alone.

I needed to drive into town and was going to take him some water but I saw his owner by the corral and hoped he would do the honors.  At the corner stop sign there were a couple of cars ahead of me, so I got to see him pulling weeds. He saw me but he ignored me and I did the same.  Did notice he had finally filled his water was about darn time!
I have noticed that since his corral is wet he has been spending a lot of time at this corner where it is drier.

I wanted him to pose by the flowering purple sage but I couldn't get a good shot of him.

Second try...

Third try...oh well, maybe tomorrow :)

Monday, September 15, 2014

Grass clippings

Post for Saturday- September 13, 2014

Yesterday it rained .87 of an inch and while we really need the precipitation it just saddens me because I know Walter is once again knee deep in mud.

This is under his shade does his owner expect him to live in these deplorable conditions?

His worthless owners were not home and they did not feed him before they left. I am out of horse pellets and I am down to my last box of Corn Flakes.  So what could I feed him?

Remembered the tall grass and proceeded to cut him some, being ever so careful that a snake was not hiding there.  Where is Ralph when I need him?

I cut him several buckets but then again the bucket is small.

I have wanted to make a little table that he can not flip like he did this chair but alas I have no building skills :(

This way I can bungy cord a plastic container and fill it with food or water and have it not be seen by his worthless owners.

With my CRS...I often forget but I recalled I had some grass clipping I had saved from a few months ago and fed him that as well.  That is the closest thing to hay that I have.

Glad I did because his owners did not feed him at all today.  Last time I checked on him they were not back from wherever.

Sunday, September 14, 2014

No water / 100 degrees / Corn Flakes

Post for September 10, 2014

Last night Ralph and I came by to feed Walter.  I am almost an expert at looking at the way his water barrel is sitting to be able to tell if it is almost looked like that was the case.

Like I mentioned on another post I have not been able to go buy him more horse pellets. So I gave him corn flakes which he devoured.

Ralph tried to get a little too close and Walter turned around and gave him a menacing look...he moved his head like he was going to head butt him. Ralph the coward quickly retreated to a safe distance....jajajaja!

Then he decided he was better off in terra firma,

Today it was hot, it got to 100 degrees and he was without water from his worthless owners all day.

His owner was even home but he ignored the down barrel until late that evening. I knew he was thirsty because he actually drank the gallons of water that I took him.  In total he drank 10.5 gallons throughout the day.

Soggy corral

I can not believe it has almost been a month since I have made a post.  Not that there is nothing to write about...just that it is so darn depressing to write about the bad conditions Walter has to tolerate.

This month we have been fortunate to have had rain in our area.  This part of Texas is in extreme drought conditions and any little bit helps.  However, I feel so sorry for Walter because his owners never shovel his pooh and he is ankle deep in it as it takes time for it to dry.

Would it kill his worthless owner and his lazy teenage son to move Walter to a dry spot if they are too lazy to clean the corral?

I just can't help but wonder if he doesn't already have arthritis.  Even a young horse which he is not, would be uncomfortable in wet mud and pooh full of bacteria.

About the only one having a good time is the rooster.  I can't figure out if it belongs to them or not but he likes to hang out here and eat horse dung.