My little Walter

My little Walter
Walter, Pedrito and Dulcinea

Thursday, April 23, 2015

Tontolin turned out to be Tontolina

When Pedrito and his gang of stray first showed up at the house, I thought they were all male.  I was unsure about Tontolin since he/she had so much hair and Pedrito would not allow him/her near me.

All the others would go somewhere else but Tontolin would stay here with Pedrito.  It is finally apparent why he/she turns out he is a girl and was pregnant.  I suppose she went home or to a secure place to have her puppies.

Before he would not share his food with her, but now he does.  Could the puppies be his?  I have been putting out a little more food since she is nursing.  She comes more often now and also drinks a lot of water.  How can people not give their animals water in this heat?  It got to 90 degrees today.

Monday, April 20, 2015

Walter is visiting

We have had a lot of rain this month and unfortunately that means knee deep mud and poop at Walter's corral.  Last Tuesday I was surprised when I saw him in mom's yard as Pedrito never barked to alert us of his presence or the presence of the person that brought him.

It does not matter, we were very happy to see him even though I can not say the same for Ralph and Pedrito :D

Even though I have been trying to keep up with the yard, his help is greatly needed and appreciated. He has food, water, shade and lots of place to roam. Two days later Dulcinea joined him.

I can't help but think that she came from a bad situation and being with Walter's owner's family is an improvement.  For those not familiar with the blog, she was bought by Walter's owner's daughter and son-in-law.  They do a way better job of looking after her needs than Ramon (made up name for his owner) does of Walter's.

She is very destructive and has tried on several occasions to tip over the heavy garbage container. I wonder if that is what she had to do when she was with her prior family?  She also turns over potted plants and tries to get into small places instead of staying in the grassy areas (green weeds).

Ramon came to take Dulcinea home and Pedrito barked at him and he did not like it.  I came out right away as I was afraid he would try to kick him...I do not like that man!

I said bye to Dulcinea and Walter and Ramon replied...I am only taking her, I will leave you Walter! There was no...thank you for having them, can Walter stay a couple more days?  Nothing...oh well, I guess he was never taught manners.

Pedrito got a wild hair and started following and pestering Walter. Wish I had had a video camera to capture Walter having had enough of him and chasing him around the, that was funny! That settled him down real fast :)

I have some pictures that I will have to upload later as I did not download them from my camera yet.

Ralph is getting a mean streak in him and scratched me around the ankle because I got him down from mom's recliner in the porch...but Shhhhhh...don't tell mom!  The scratch marks lasted about two weeks and are finally healing.

I went by Church's last week and saw about five cats who had obviously been dumpster diving and were happily napping.  I told Ralph that if he did not change his attitude he would be joining them soon (kidding)...jajajajajaja!

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Back to the old shenanigans

Little Walter's owners are back to the same old shenanigans of the past.  No water, little food and knee deep in poop.

Even with Dulcinea close by Walter looks sad and rightly so!

When he spent nearly two weeks here earlier this year...his owner tied this dirty ice chest to a corral post so he could feed him without having to come into our property.  I had the flu at the time and could not clean it for him.  I think the sun has helped bleach it.

I plan on giving it a good cleaning and filling it up with water for the upcoming hot summer months. Ralph and Pedrito wont let me go visit him without tagging along, lol :)

He came by the other day to graze, this time without Dulcinea. However, with the recent rains the weeds have gone crazy and I sure could use his help once more.

I was surprised he was here as Pedrito throws a fit anytime any animal or person comes into the property (except for his stray friends).  Could it be that he has finally warmed up to Walter?