My little Walter

My little Walter
Walter, Pedrito and Dulcinea

Thursday, November 26, 2015

Side effect of the puppies?

With the help of one of mother's friends we adopted out the last of the five puppies. I am glad I still have my little cat carrier as it came in handy.

Those puppies as cute as they were, were a pain to deal with. They got into a lot of things and chewed up my tarps, tore into the mulch bags, and basically wreaked havoc.

However, we think they might have had something to do with what we now have or at least mother is sure it was their fault.  What we have now are baby mice that have us on pins and needles.  My blood pressure is already through the roof and this situation has not helped any!

One of my readers suggested the mice baits and that worked great.  I was firmly convinced that we had put the issue to rest when I saw two baby mouse dart by as I was on my computer this morning.  I screamed like a mad woman.

Our kitchen was a later add-on and built higher than the main house as we had had problems with water coming into the house. If you close the kitchen door you pretty much isolate the problem...or so we thought.

Mother thinks that the puppies food (even though they ate it all) along with the water I left out by the back kitchen door was an invitation to rodents.  I have to admit she might have a point.  She wants all three dogs gone but I have no idea how I am going to do that.

These dogs have probably never ridden in a car and I have no idea how they would react.  As far as Tammie is concerned...she does not trust me enough to even let me pet her.  I do not think anyone would wants these strays.  My only alternative is to put them to sleep but again the problem is how do I get them to the vet in order to do that?

It is a good thing that I decided to go to Tractor & Supply instead of Home Depot since they are much closer to the house. I found large poison bait more suitable for a ranch environment and I will be there first thing tomorrow to purchase them.  Not saying there is anything wrong with the smaller bait but I just can't deal with this infestation and neither can my nerves.

Any suggestions?

Saturday, November 7, 2015

3 Dogs plus 5 Puppies.............HELP!!!!

A long time has gone by since I have made a post mainly due to my computer problems. That does not mean that nothing has been going on with Walter, Dulcinea, Pedrito, Tammy (formerly Tontolina) and the latest addition Boris.

Tammy, named after country singer Tammy Wynette of Stand by Your Man fame is a very docile dog that is completely dominated by Pedrito.  He is like a pimp, gives her protection but she has to pay him with food or body.

Tammy and Pedrito showed up together and though I have been feeding her for at least 10 months, she has never (nor has Pedrito permitted) that I pet her.

In this time she has had three litters but she has not had them in mom's property but in an adjacent vacant lot owned by me.  I have never seen her litters...that is not until last Wednesday!  She brought me her five puppies!

During this last pregnancy I fed her well and you could tell she was grateful.  I did it with a double purpose, for her to have a healthy pregnancy and for her to be able to trust me.  The reason I wanted her trust was so I can take her to the vet to get her fixed.  This poor dog is just bringing more strays into our neighborhood who in turn will make the stray population grow even larger.

We do not have a County Animal shelter.  Only the city of Del Rio does and they do not take animals from the county.  I am at a loss as to what to do.  Short of taking out an ad in the newspaper or setting up a cardboard box with  a "free puppies to a good home" sign on the main drag...I am at a loss :(

I never wanted one dog let alone eight....HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tammy does not want to nurse them anymore, she runs from them or bites them if they try.

I got to say I am impressed with Boris a big black dog that is a baby himself at around six months old.  He plays with them, cleans them and also disciplines them if they misbehave.

Boris playing with one of the pups
that is sitting on Pedrito's head

Your suggestions are welcomed.