My little Walter

My little Walter
Walter, Pedrito and Dulcinea

Friday, December 30, 2016

Critter Update

Both Tammie and Oscar have been doing well. The only thing I noticed is that Oscar lost his appetite for a while and would only eat half of what I would give him.  I figured that perhaps his jaw was still hurting when he chewed.

Tammie has had no appetite issues but last week her right cheek was swollen like she had a small ball inside her mouth.  For the past couple of days have been giving her the medications I got for Oscar from 1-800-Petmeds.

Today that I got up early to give her the medicine hidden inside of a hot dog, she and Oscar were nowhere to be found.  When they got back he ate but she ate very little. I do believe she still frequents places where they would feed her in the past.  My only issue is that I do not want the medication to go bad inside the wiener but I also do not want Oscar to eat it since he does not need it anymore.

Pedrito who is always feisty and active seems to be depressed.  Wednesday I was raking the leaves around the two trees where he is tied up and he turned his back like he was mad at me or something. He didn't even try to lunge himself at me.  I do not think its serious as he has not lost his appetite and probably never will :)

I made him a cucha this time using an old water container as his prior cuchas which I have made out of cardboard boxes do not seem to hold up. Lined it with an old blanket so the metal will not make contact with his body. With his pillow some old flannel pants, old towels and a blanket he manages to keep warm.

I would like to buy him a doghouse but I would have to purchase it online and then assemble it. When I was a teenager I was always in charge of assembling things my parents bought and quite frankly I do not want to do it anymore.

Went to Sutherlands (it's like Home Depot) where I have seen them for sale in the past. Though they are ugly and look homemade, they only had one small one.  The guy in charge told me that they are made by a local man but he is backed up on his orders. The good thing is that delivery is only $15.00 since there is no way I can possibly get one inside my car...better yet get it off my car!

Walter, Dulcinea and the new horse seem to be doing fine. Hope the vegetation dies off so I can go check up on him without fear of encountering a snake.

Saturday, December 10, 2016

Oscar Update

I do not know why the dogs choose the worst times to get sick or in mischief.  We were going out of town early Wednesday morning when I went to feed them.  I noticed that Oscar's jaw was swollen. I looked at him closer to see if he had gotten in a dog fight but that did not seem to be the case.

As usual, we were running late, so I gave him a tablet of Acetaminophen in case he was experiencing pain.  Thursday the cold front came in and there was no way I was going anywhere, so I gave him a tablet hidden in a hot dog with each meal.  I did the same for Tammie as the poor thing has not had the benefit of seeing a vet to extract her quills, though most are gone or at least not visible.

Yesterday was another struggle to try to get Oscar in the car. It is like he is afraid or it reminds him of his last visit to the vet.  Since I gave Tammie the last three Acepromazine pills to no avail, I had none left for him.  Each pill costs $40.00 Mexican pesos which for Mexico it is a lot.  I have already spent $200.00 Mexican pesos ( 5 pills x 40 pesos) on Tammie and she has never even made it inside the vehicle.

40.00 Mexican pesos divided by $18.00 exchange rate = $2.22 per pill

$2.22 USD times 5 pills = $11.10 USD

The month of December is highly congested at the International bridges. Taking into account that yesterday it was Friday and a weekend, you are looking at crossing times of one to one and half hours on both sides of the border.  I love Oscar but I am not spending three hours in traffic without him being sedated.

It costs $3.75 USD to cross the border into Mexico and $26.00 Mexican pesos to cross from Mexico to the United States.  I am looking at $5.19 in tolls.  Went online to 1-800-Petmeds and found the Acepromazine 25 mg. pills selling for .90 US cents each, a lot cheaper than what they sell for in Ciudad Acuña.

Since I have a vet prescription for Azium 0.5 mg and Clindamycin 150 mg ordered them online as well.  I thought I would have a problem since he is a Mexican veterinary but that was not the case as his name was on the list of veterinarians for this area.

I recall a couple of years ago, I once got my eyeglass prescription in Piedras Negras, Coahuila. They honored the prescription at the Del Rio Walmart since we are on the border and people like myself who can not afford health insurance go to Mexico to seek medical treatment.

I called the veterinary clinic to let them know they would be getting a call from them.  I inquired if they spoke English and his wife said they did.  Forgot that many Mexican professionals send their children to private schools in Del Rio. He has grown children and a son-in-law that work for him, so there are no language barriers, thank goodness!

Monday, October 24, 2016

The horses are back

Two days after my last post, I went to take out the trash on a Tuesday night on September 27, 2016. What was my surprise when I heard a horse neighing from the corral and I instinctively knew that it was Walter.

It was dark so I could not see but I knew it was him.  It made my night...he took it upon himself to tell me he was back home...I had missed him so!

Almost a month has gone by and his owner devised an enclosure with a rope.  I knew it would not take much to have him breach it and I was not wrong.

Pedrito and the other strays started barking up a storm.  When I went out to check, I found that Walter, Dulcinea and the new horse were grazing along our fence line.

I considered letting his owners know (though they were at work) but their daughter was home...however, they were grazing on the tall grass and that in and of itself was a huge benefit for me.

Should of know better, other people drove up to their house and started honking to get their attention and eventually the daughter came and took them home :-(

Sunday, September 25, 2016

The horses are gone

It has been a while since I have done a post. Though I would remedy that tonight.

After the heavy rains in August, both Walter and the new white horse were taken out of the corral. Dulcinea was tied to her horse buggy and was never anywhere near either male horse.

I walked to the fence that separates our property and expected to see a flooded corral knee deep in mud.  What was my surprise to see that someone had leveled the surface and divided the corral in half via a metal gate.

It obviously had not been Walter's owner.  That only left his son-in-law who is a welder. About a week later I did not see the horses anymore. Thought perhaps they had taken the horses to his nephew's house.  Also missing are the two horse trailers.  Maybe they will be back?

Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Movie in my head

With the recent rains I had wondered how the horses were holding up in that nasty corral that always floods.

Was looking out the kitchen window when I saw the new white horse.  I could not tell if he was in mother's property or not.  It has always irritated me that his owner never comes to ask if he can bring his animals...he just assumes he can.

I was getting hot under the collar because I am sick and tired of abusive neighbors. He has no idea whether or not we are home and does he even take into consideration that if we are not here, who is going to water him?

Reluctantly I went outside to drag the hose out of the mud and find the large water container I had bought for Boris. While I do not mind doing this, I would have liked for it to have been Walter the one to come graze.

That is when I realized that the white horse was not in the yard but grazing by the street.  I laughed as I remembered my Colombian soap opera where the main character in his so sexy Colombian accent tells the girl "ya te hiciste todo una pelicula en la cabeza"...which translates to "you have made a whole movie in your head"...jajajajajaja...that is exactly what I had done :)

The corral must be flooded as both horses were not in it and I guess this one got loose.  It is dangerous as people turn that corner awfully fast and are not expecting a horse to greet them. Luckily he returned home on his own.

I do not know how many people who read this blog also read the Field Lab written by John Wells. Can someone please tell me what happened to his steer Bud?  Last year I was having so many computer problems that I quit reading several blogs as the library only allows you to use their computer for 30 minutes. I would ask on his blog but I don't want to be insensitive and besides he rarely answers comments.

Saturday, August 13, 2016

New horse

I feel bad about not posting more about Walter since this blog is named after him.  The triple digit temperatures and lack of rain have dried out the tall weeds but not the horrible mesquite trees and other thorny desert plants.

I walked over to the fence that divides the property from his corral but I was not able to get close to the fence to be able to pet him.  He looked at me like saying "so you finally came to see me".

The first week of August, I noticed some white object moving back and forth along with a reddish metal building.  At first I thought it was Dulcinea and that his owner had brought another used trailer. Seems he has discovered that having garage sales on Saturday is economically rewarding for him. He has so much junk in the lot where the corral is.

The following day as I was headed to town, I noticed that there was a new white horse in the corral with Walter.  There was also a red and silver or was it red and white horse trailer next to a travel trailer he owns.  I suppose he bought another horse.

Also noticed he bought some more bales of hay.

Thursday, July 21, 2016

Pedrito is tied for life

The day after my last post Pedrito antagonized Oscar again.  This time Oscar decided to grow a backbone. The fight was awful,  I truly believed that once it was over I was going to have to bury one or both of them.

I took a picture through the window but it did not turn out very good.  Poor Tammy gave up trying to separate them and just limited herself to barking at them.

I did not go out until the next morning to feed them.  Lucky for me Pedrito was starving to death, so I was able to tie him as he ate without him noticing.  He was limping and had lesions on his head and body.  I was surprised he ended with the short end of the stick...but he was the one that initiated the confrontation.

Oscar's face and ears were raw but he will never have to worry about being beaten up by Pedrito again. Though every time he leaves with Tammy, he comes back in bad shape.

Friday, July 8, 2016

To tie or not to tie?

I waiver back and forth on the pros and cons of keeping Pedrito tied up.  Today he gave me more arguments to keep him tied.

I feed him before I feed Tammy or Oscar to avoid fights.  This morning he thumbed his nose at the food I placed before him.

I saw Oscar laying down in the front yard so I went to feed him.  In no time flat Pedrito came running and tried to eat his food...the same food I had given him.  Of course, it ended up in a dog fight. Tammy came out of nowhere to get between them.

I threw water at them but quickly came inside.  I have enough drama in my life to add dog fights to the equation.

Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Dulcinea by the Duck Pond

Last Wednesday when we were coming back from San Antonio I saw a horse by the Duck Pond in the same spot where Claire used to be.  Remember Claire?

I had gotten up so early that morning and I was way too tired to have anything register in my head.  I commented to Mom that that horse looked familiar but that it was not Claire.

The next day I had to drive into town and when I saw her, it dawned on me that it was Dulcinea.  I am sure it was Walter's owners idea because her owner did not live with his father-in-law at the time.

There she was grazing away but with no water in sight.  I sure hope they brought her water in the evenings.

She was there at least that I am aware of, for three days.  Then suddenly she disappeared as did Walter from his corral.  Perhaps they are at his nephew's house?

Tuesday, June 14, 2016

That did not last long

Pedrito being left untied did not last long.  He is way to active for his own good.  I can not afford to have him run off and chase people who happen to walk by mom's property.

I was not able to adopt out Emilio and Selena together.  Emilio went to one home and Selena to another.  In some ways, I miss them.

I bought Pedrito a flea collar last month.  I went to Dollar Tree and saw a dog collar for a dollar and decided to buy one for Oscar.  The cheap Dollar Tree one turned out to be better than the high dollar one I bought for Pedrito.  He loves his collar and it seems to have helped him with those darn fleas.

Saturday, June 4, 2016

Where are the puppies?

The five puppies Tammy had were born on mother's property, I saw and took pictures of them all. Two of the puppies found their mother napping under dad's old car and they never went back to their den or their siblings.

The last time I saw them was when they turned six weeks.  I thought I had heard them bark but I never saw them.  One time I gave Tammy chicken bones and she put them on her mouth and took off in the direction of their den.

About two weeks ago when I was feeding Pedrito and he was still tied to the tree close to the fence, I thought I heard dogs barking and running on the lot directly behind where he was. It is a vacant lot with lots of overgrown weeds and shrubs, so I could not see anything.

The neighbor three lots down once told me that Tammy would place her puppies when they got bigger in different lots.  The thing is I have no idea what could have happened to her three puppies. There is a house next to that lot that has about three kids and they play on that lot.  Did they find them and keep them? or did they adopt them out to their friends?  I only hope they ended up in a good forever home.

As far as the two puppies that are still at Mom's...Selena and Emilio...I have not been able to find a home for them.  I take that back, I have found a home for Emilio (the cute one) but I wanted to adopt them out together.

Thursday, June 2, 2016

Pedrito is no longer tied up

We have been having a lot of rain in the state of Texas.  Had to go to San Antonio this past Wednesday and were not sure if due to the severe weather conditions we would have to stay overnight or for a couple of days.

Mom asked me to untie Pedrito.  I decided she was probably right, so he is once again free to roam to his heart's desire.

I watched him from the kitchen window for about 10 minutes when he finally realize he was free.  He started running laps around the house.  We had a strong storm that evening so I was glad he was able to seek shelter.

I was a little apprehensive that he might beat up Oscar but so far he hasn't or not that I have seen.

He is actually getting along with Emilio and Selena (the puppies) after having bitten Emilio on the face when he was still tied because he tried to eat his food.

Tuesday, May 31, 2016

May 2016 Walter Update

You might be wondering why I have not written about Walter lately.  With all the rain we have had these past couple of months, the weeds and the desert cacti has grown ten fold.  I can no longer walk to his corral without the fear of encountering a snake.

I can see him when I drive by his house and I can tell that on several occasions his water barrel is down, confirming that he has no water.  Dulcinea is in the same boat.  I see his owner late in the afternoon giving him hay.

Today that I drove into town I saw him in the corner lot where his owner sometimes takes him to grace.  At least he was tied to the lone mesquite tree and he had shade, but no water.

Thursday, May 12, 2016

Today they emerged

Late this afternoon I was removing clothes from the clothesline when I noticed two things bopping around. The grass (weeds) are a little high but there they were two puppies playing and then they came running towards me.

The first thing they did was go for my tennis shoe laces and the other tried to climb my leg.  Was surprised they were not afraid of me.  Then I saw two more emerging from the mini jungle that is our backyard.

I held my breath hoping there were no more, when I spotted a lone puppy in the background.

So she has five puppies and they turned five weeks old today.  Tammy pretty much  spends most of her day sleeping under dad's old car or by the kitchen door.

She was napping after her evening meal and did not realize they finally found where she hangs out. They wanted to nurse and she took off running!  jajajajaja...guess she would not win mother of the year :)

Her last litter also consisted of five puppies. Two were very feisty, one was normal, one was underweight and one was a loner.  The same scenario appears to be repeating itself.

Anyone want a puppy?

Monday, May 9, 2016

I am so sad

I am so sad and at the same time feel guilty.  You see Boris has never really liked eating dog food except when he first showed up and was hungry, thirsty and in bad shape.

He was a long skinny thing when he first showed up
For the past two weeks he refused to eat his Tractor and Supply dried dog food.  I thought he was being picky since eventually he would consume it.  The other dogs do not seem to have a problem with it.

Had to feed him using a cardboard tops because
 he destroyed dishes, plastic tubs, five gallon buckets
Last week we were very busy with labs and doctor's appointment so I broke down and gave him human food along with his dog food...he ate the human food.  Now I am wondering if he actually ate it or not, because Friday, I caught Tammy eating his food.

He eventually even destroyed this water container from
banging it around. Had recently bought him a new one,
Ordinarily she would not approach him since he is a very aggressive dog and like all dogs will protect his food.  But he just laid there and let her eat it.  This included the human food.

The "cucha" I made for him did not even last five
minutes before he tore it to shreds :D

Boris even attacked me, so I always had to be quick or put on my jacket in the desert heat. He has left me bruised and scratched up from pouncing on me.  Saturday, he was not in a lunging mood and he allowed me to approach him. I filled up the new water container I bought him in Mexico and he drank a lot of water.

That evening again I went to try to feed him as I rubbed his head and laid down beside him but he did not have an appetite. I parted his long black hair and examined him for a bite marks or something but found nothing.  Decided I would take him to the vet on Monday.

Sunday morning I went to check on him but regrettably he was dead.  All this is so strange, he was such an active and young dog (a year old or so) I am at a loss for what could have killed him because from my point of view this was not a natural death.

Rest in peace my little big Boris :(

Sunday, April 10, 2016

Tammy had her puppies

I have only had one dog in my life that I raised from a puppy...that was over twenty years ago and he was male.  I have no experience whatsoever with female dogs.

On Tuesday she seemed more active and I even reached a  milestone with her.  I put out my hand to her after she finished eating. She come towards me, touched my hand with the tip of her tongue and dashed off...for our relationship...that is progress :)

Wednesday morning she did not show up until lunch time and she was no longer pregnant. Since I have no idea if her puppies were born Tueday night or Wednesday morning, I have decided they were born on April 6, 2016.

This is the first time that one of her litters is born on mom's lot.  While I have not seen them, I watched her from the window and more or less know where they are at.  I do not want to disturb them so she wont feel the need to have to move them.  Guess I will see them soon enough.

Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Where do they wander to?

Yesterday when I went to get the car from the garage for our early morning appointment, Oscar was by the front door but no Tammy in sight.  Told him he would have to wait until we came back so I could feed him.

When we got home there was still no Tammy.  Fixed breakfast for mother and then went outside to feed the dogs.  That is when I saw Tammy curled up asleep by a fallen tree with Oscar near by.  Had she been here all the time and I just did not see her?

She blends in so well with the surroundings.

When they finally woke up, they ate well, slept some more and once again disappeared into the night.  They showed up this evening for dinner and once again took off.  Where do they wander to?

Sunday, March 20, 2016

Pregnant again... :-(

As I have mentioned before Tammy will not let anyone except another dog get close to her.  I have tried to put my hand out to her so she will come to me with no success.  Not even when I fed her well during her last pregnancy did she allow me to approach her.

I had to use zoom to take this picture of her.  When I feed her she wont eat until I go inside, if I happen to come out she will run away.  That is the reason why I have not been able to take her to get fixed. She is a wild little dog but I am attached to her.

Today neither Oscar or her showed up to eat.  Wonder if she had her puppies?  I guess, I will know soon enough :(

Friday, March 18, 2016

New wheels for Dulcinea

This past week Dulcinea got new wheels...well, new to her.

Though a bit rusty bet I could fit all four dogs for a trip to Terlingua.  Do you think she would lend it to me?

Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Pedrito's Wound

Found that Pedrito did not have just one wound but two in his back and a minor one on his head.

 I could not get him to sit still in order to photograph him.

My poor Pedrito :(

Sunday, March 13, 2016

Back in his corral

With four dogs I am going through a 50 plus pound bag of food a week.  Back when it was only Tammy and Pedrito I would buy smaller bags.  After Boris joined the clan I started buying the big bags as they were cheaper.

I gave up buying dog food at HEB or Walmart because I could never find someone to put it on my cart.  I now do all my buying at Tractor and Supply as they employee young high school kids with strong backs. They also have better prices.

Today there was another dog fight but I had no idea until I saw an open wound on Pedrito's back, he also had a bite on his head.  Had another dog come unto the property they would have ALL started barking but I heard nothing.

Then I saw his pet dish flipped over and knew that it had been over food.  Oscar the new dog is always hungry though I give him the same amount as the others and sometimes a little more. Pedrito did not finish his share, so I think Oscar tried to eat it.  Last time Pedrito inflicted the damage and today it was Oscar's turn.

On another note Walter is back in his corral and I no longer will have to walk to the corner lugging milk jugs and having people seeing me water him.As far as Dulcinea is concerned...she doesn't look pregnant anymore. I saw her owner riding her in the empty lot behind the church.

Thursday, March 3, 2016

No luck

I want to thank Gypsy for providing the webpage and telephone number of the Houston SPCA.  We do not have long distance service on mother's landline to be able to call them.  I therefore went to their webpage.

Unfortunately this is what I found

This is what it says:

"If the county or state you're contacting us about is outside our jurisdiction, please contact the animal control organization, animal shelter or local law enforcement agency for that area. We cannot respond outside our jurisdiction unless requested by law enforcement."

There in lies the problem the CIty of Del RIo animal shelter will not respond to cases outside of the city limits.  They will tell you to call the Sheriff Department.  I have personally gone to that Department in the past and only one officer cared enough to go investigate, unfortunately he took a leave of absence and never came back.

The attitude I face is "lady we are too busy dealing with other issues".  That is why I quit reporting them and just water and fed Walter on my own,

There is another organization but they told me that they only deal with cats and dogs.

So i am back to square one.  This is the main reason I started this blog, to gather pictures and document the neglect suffered at the hands of this individual.

The last time I went to the Sheriff's Department I tried to show them my pictures but the official I talked to basically did not want to see them.  He told me they would take their own pictures in the course of the investigation.  What investigation?

Walter is not the only horse I have reported.  Remember Claire that was left for over a month in a lot owned by the county, with filthy water and no food?

Sunday, February 28, 2016

A mystery

As you all know...on weekends even though it pains me...I try to block out what is going on with Walter and Dulcinea as their respective owners, as in Dulcinea's case...come home from their out-of-town jobs.

Pedrito and Boris do not like Dulcinea.  She has a tendency to kick and when she was here a couple of months ago, she kicked them both.  Boris is tied to one of the mesquite trees closer to the corral and every time he sees her approaching the fence, he barks at her.

There is a very good series on TV entitled "La Reina del Sur" which translates to "The Queen of the South" portrayed by Kate del Castillo a Mexican actress who caught "El Chapo's" eye when she made this series for Telemundo.  When I watch TV, I do not like to be bothered...however, the dogs were barking way to intensely for me to ignore.  It was around 5:30 p.m.

When I went to look out the kitchen window I saw Dulcinea in the middle of the street as cars braked not hit her.  How did she get out of the corral?  It looked like she wanted to come into mom's property but couldn't due to the barb wire Walter's owner placed so he would not escape when he comes to graze here.

Since there was nothing I could do, I went back to watching TV but came back to look out the window during commercials.  I saw Walter's owner by the corral looking towards our house and he stayed there for a long time.  Did he bring her here and she escaped because Boris barked at her? or did she somehow get lose on her own?

This evening the neighbor's dog started barking as he usually does around this time of the night.  I did not know if it was our strays or his dog but it was his darn dog.  Then I saw Walter's owner driving very slowly with his horse trailer attached.  Have no idea what might have happened.

Friday, February 26, 2016

Dog fight

I do not have much experience with dogs having only raised one from a puppy some twenty plus years ago.  I am mainly a cat person.  When I raised my puppy I also adopted an adorable orange kitten my neighbor gave me.  Both were raised like brothers and though they would fight at times, it was not an issue.

Pedrito and Tammy were the first strays that decided to stick around.  Pedrito would eat up his food and part of hers, then after he was full he would "allow" her to eat...again no fighting.  I would slip her more food when he was asleep.

When Boris arrived he was in bad shape physically.  Yet he was docile and and meek,  As his health improved his demeanor changed.  At first he would wait patiently for me to feed Pedrito and him but then it got to be a problem.  So much so that I had no other recourse than to tie them up in order to feed them due to all the fights over the food.

Now Oscar comes into the picture.  While the other two dogs continue to be tied up, Oscar decides to try to eat their food...bad idea!  Pedrito got him good and both were bleeding.  Then he got one of his legs wrapped around the tie out.  Got a broom and hit Pedrito to let him was close!

I had two bleeding dogs and Boris going nuts from his tree...thank goodness he was tied up!  You would think Oscar learned his lesson but no...he tried to do the same with Boris who is a young and much bigger dog.  Oscar must have a death wish :(

It's not like I do not feed him.  They all get the same amount of food.  With my bad back, there is no way I can get down a 40 to 50 pound sack of dog food. What I do is fill up yogurt containers and each dog gets one in the morning and one in the afternoon,

I do not know why Tammy brought Oscar home.  I think she was under a lot of stress when I decided to tie up the dogs and she had to run to the gate and see why or whom they were barking at.

With them contained, she was finally able to eat her food without one of them taking it away such as when I fed them chicken bones.  Now the same thing is taking place with Oscar.  Hope he does not start to get possessive or run after people on the street or he is going to be tied up too.

I do not like the idea of them being tied up, they should be able to run around and play but not at the risk of someone getting hurt or them hurting one another.

Thursday, February 11, 2016

Flooded Corral

Have not done an update on Walter in a while, mainly because there is no change and it pains me to have to rehash it.  He is still tied to a tire with cement, with no shelter and NO WATER!  They do feed him but do they think he is a camel?

My mother does not want me to water him because she thinks his owner is going to come tell me off. I told her that if he did (doubtful) I would tell him if he preferred I watered him or the Sheriff.  I hate that man!

This week it has not been my leg but my arms, the joint pain is killing me ( I suffer from Fibromyositis).  I have not been able to lift them above my head.  It has been difficult to wash my hair.  Since I could not carry a gallon of water, I carried two half gallons to balance myself out.

Unfortunately, I was unable to water him yesterday or today when the temperatures have been in the 80's and he is not sheltered from the sun.  With all those able bodied people living there, why doesn't anyone care about his welfare?

Dulcinea is not fairing much better.  Her owner filled up her barrel but I guess he forgot to turn the spigot off and flooded the corral.  Now she is in a pile of mud and only has a little space that sits higher and is the only dry spot. None of these worthless people should be allowed to be pet owners.

I am concerned that Dulcinea has a dead fetus. That colt has not been born yet and it has been well over a year that she has been pregnant.

Sunday, January 31, 2016

I need the Dog Whisperer

I do not know if you guys remember that back when Ralph was still alive, I made him a "cucha".  A cucha is a small bed from a cardboard box and old clothes.  Pedrito would watch him go lay down and one time when he was not around jumped on top of the table and laid in it, even though it was too small for him.

I went to Walmart and got two big boxes,  got out some of my old pillows, two flannel nightgowns and a blanket.  He knew what it was for and went to lay in it almost immediately.

On the other hand Boris began to destroy his cucha before I even walked away.

During one of my late insomniac nights, I turned on the TV and saw a show featuring the Dog Whisperer and how he was training his dogs.  I could not believe as each dog waited and watched patiently for their turn.  That is something I have never seen in Boris or Pedrito.  On the contrary they want to kill each other :(

Now that both dogs are tied up, Tammy has met new friends who come looking for her early in the morning and make the dogs go crazy.  Namely a white male poodle and a small dog that I call "El Enano" which translates to "Midget". I just hope she doesn't wind up pregnant again!