My little Walter

My little Walter
Walter, Pedrito and Dulcinea

Sunday, January 31, 2016

I need the Dog Whisperer

I do not know if you guys remember that back when Ralph was still alive, I made him a "cucha".  A cucha is a small bed from a cardboard box and old clothes.  Pedrito would watch him go lay down and one time when he was not around jumped on top of the table and laid in it, even though it was too small for him.

I went to Walmart and got two big boxes,  got out some of my old pillows, two flannel nightgowns and a blanket.  He knew what it was for and went to lay in it almost immediately.

On the other hand Boris began to destroy his cucha before I even walked away.

During one of my late insomniac nights, I turned on the TV and saw a show featuring the Dog Whisperer and how he was training his dogs.  I could not believe as each dog waited and watched patiently for their turn.  That is something I have never seen in Boris or Pedrito.  On the contrary they want to kill each other :(

Now that both dogs are tied up, Tammy has met new friends who come looking for her early in the morning and make the dogs go crazy.  Namely a white male poodle and a small dog that I call "El Enano" which translates to "Midget". I just hope she doesn't wind up pregnant again!