My little Walter

Monday, October 24, 2016

The horses are back

Two days after my last post, I went to take out the trash on a Tuesday night on September 27, 2016. What was my surprise when I heard a horse neighing from the corral and I instinctively knew that it was Walter.

It was dark so I could not see but I knew it was him.  It made my night...he took it upon himself to tell me he was back home...I had missed him so!

Almost a month has gone by and his owner devised an enclosure with a rope.  I knew it would not take much to have him breach it and I was not wrong.

Pedrito and the other strays started barking up a storm.  When I went out to check, I found that Walter, Dulcinea and the new horse were grazing along our fence line.

I considered letting his owners know (though they were at work) but their daughter was home...however, they were grazing on the tall grass and that in and of itself was a huge benefit for me.

Should of know better, other people drove up to their house and started honking to get their attention and eventually the daughter came and took them home :-(

Sunday, September 25, 2016

The horses are gone

It has been a while since I have done a post. Though I would remedy that tonight.

After the heavy rains in August, both Walter and the new white horse were taken out of the corral. Dulcinea was tied to her horse buggy and was never anywhere near either male horse.

I walked to the fence that separates our property and expected to see a flooded corral knee deep in mud.  What was my surprise to see that someone had leveled the surface and divided the corral in half via a metal gate.

It obviously had not been Walter's owner.  That only left his son-in-law who is a welder. About a week later I did not see the horses anymore. Thought perhaps they had taken the horses to his nephew's house.  Also missing are the two horse trailers.  Maybe they will be back?

Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Movie in my head

With the recent rains I had wondered how the horses were holding up in that nasty corral that always floods.

Was looking out the kitchen window when I saw the new white horse.  I could not tell if he was in mother's property or not.  It has always irritated me that his owner never comes to ask if he can bring his animals...he just assumes he can.

I was getting hot under the collar because I am sick and tired of abusive neighbors. He has no idea whether or not we are home and does he even take into consideration that if we are not here, who is going to water him?

Reluctantly I went outside to drag the hose out of the mud and find the large water container I had bought for Boris. While I do not mind doing this, I would have liked for it to have been Walter the one to come graze.

That is when I realized that the white horse was not in the yard but grazing by the street.  I laughed as I remembered my Colombian soap opera where the main character in his so sexy Colombian accent tells the girl "ya te hiciste todo una pelicula en la cabeza"...which translates to "you have made a whole movie in your head"...jajajajajaja...that is exactly what I had done :)

The corral must be flooded as both horses were not in it and I guess this one got loose.  It is dangerous as people turn that corner awfully fast and are not expecting a horse to greet them. Luckily he returned home on his own.

I do not know how many people who read this blog also read the Field Lab written by John Wells. Can someone please tell me what happened to his steer Bud?  Last year I was having so many computer problems that I quit reading several blogs as the library only allows you to use their computer for 30 minutes. I would ask on his blog but I don't want to be insensitive and besides he rarely answers comments.

Saturday, August 13, 2016

New horse

I feel bad about not posting more about Walter since this blog is named after him.  The triple digit temperatures and lack of rain have dried out the tall weeds but not the horrible mesquite trees and other thorny desert plants.

I walked over to the fence that divides the property from his corral but I was not able to get close to the fence to be able to pet him.  He looked at me like saying "so you finally came to see me".

The first week of August, I noticed some white object moving back and forth along with a reddish metal building.  At first I thought it was Dulcinea and that his owner had brought another used trailer. Seems he has discovered that having garage sales on Saturday is economically rewarding for him. He has so much junk in the lot where the corral is.

The following day as I was headed to town, I noticed that there was a new white horse in the corral with Walter.  There was also a red and silver or was it red and white horse trailer next to a travel trailer he owns.  I suppose he bought another horse.

Also noticed he bought some more bales of hay.