My little Walter

My little Walter
Nico, Paquito, Sonny and bottom right Blanca

Wednesday, August 14, 2019

Snake Day?

It has been hot and humid and I limit my outside time to the morning and late afternoon. I was hanging clothes on the clothesline when I saw Paquito swatting something and jumping up in the air.  Upon further inspection, this is what I found...

I was just hoping this was a garden snake. The snake was alive and would curl up, then Paquito would hurl it up in the air.  I screamed fearing he would send it my way so quickly retreated to the safety of the house.

This is why I love my boys so much...they keep me safe from the creatures I fear!

Late this afternoon I found this dead snake that looks like a small version of another the boys killed a couple of months back but this one did not show any signs of having been least it was DEAD.

My number one motto is...a good a dead one :-)

Monday, August 5, 2019

Katie came back only to leave again

No Katie to nurse Precious so I got a little plate and put some food for him/her to eat.  Unfortunately, I had to set it on the ground and ants got in it...but he/she ate it anyway.

Thursday - August 1st I made my last round outside at 8:10 p.m. and Katie and her kittens were back.

Saturday - August 3rd I woke up to the cats running on the roof and making all kinds of raucous. Then I heard a catfight with one cat meowing loudly (probably Paquito) and a small meow from the other.  This was in the front yard but by the time I went outside, there was no cats only the scent of a skunk.

By the time the sun came up, there was no Katie and no kittens around.  The only cat I saw that afternoon was Pappa Cat eating.  I really hope Paquito did not harm them.  He is so territorial I am surprised he had not run them off sooner.

It is Monday - August 5th and they have not been back.  I hope the neighbor three lots down that I think bought Blanca her flea collar will give them water.  It has been so hot lately in the three digits with equally high heat indexes.

I think they are OK with food as she is still nursing them and with the neighbors not securing their horse, chicken, and dog food supply there is an abundance of mice.  The boys are mousers I just wish they would eat them at the neighbors and NOT by the front door.

There are also many birds...mostly crows and pigeons...who make a mess and that I do not mind if the boys hunt them.

Wednesday, July 31, 2019

Katie took off but left Precious behind

This morning Katie and her kittens were nowhere to be found.  The only one that was here was Precious whom I have no idea if it is a male or female.

Wanted to mention that I now believe Katie had five kittens instead of four.  The first time I saw them there were clearly two light orange cats, one black and one black and gray one.  Afterward, the other little orange one went missing and a dark gray kitten came into the picture.

This morning as I was doing yard work I had to lift up Paquito to bring him back into the yard from the street where he was following me as I was picking up trash along our fence line.  That is when I noticed he had a wound near his right upper leg and was bleeding

No one had attacked him as he followed me so I am wondering if he did, in fact, get into a fight with Katie and ran her off.  I figured she would come back later as I was busy doing yard work and could not go find her.  I do believe they are in the empty lot next to my parent's property.  We will see what tomorrow brings.

Tuesday, July 30, 2019

Chick Days

With so many mouths to feed decided to buy an off-brand but a larger bag of cat food. 

While also being cheaper.

I thought the Chick Season was over but was surprised it wasn't.

Could not help but think of fellow blogger Rob :)

Wednesday, July 24, 2019

Katie brought her kittens

Early yesterday (Tuesday morning) I went to feed the cats while they were not around Katie was and she had one of her kittens with her that looked like a baby Nico. As soon as it saw me it ran behind the water heater closet and she took off the opposite direction.

Two hours later I went back outside to change out their water (I change it twice a day).  I was not prepared for what I saw.  Katie with FOUR kittens.  One was black who looked like Rudy (the cat that left and never came back) another black and gray like Nico and two very light orange.  One had a strange face and the other one was absolutely precious with a lot of fur that kind of looked like a baby lion and lacked a tail like his momma.

Once again all four kittens took off behind the water heater and Katie the opposite way.  What was more surprising was that the boys did not seem bothered by them. This is surprising because Paquito is very territorial and Sonny claims the space behind the water heater as his.

Even the father of the kittens a dark gray cat that Paquito does not like was hanging around surveying the action as he laid on the cinder block fence a respectable distance away.

I do not know what I am going to do with four new mouths to feed plus Katie and Papa Cat.