My little Walter

My little Walter
Bottom left Little Katie, Litte Nico, and Momma Katie on top of the propane tank.

Sunday, July 26, 2020

A marking I had not noticed on Katie and her kittens

I have mentioned before that both Katie and her kittens are afraid of me and elusive to photograph.  The few pictures I have of them I have taken from afar. Since I do not have a camera I use a cellphone and I have to crop the pictures which result in pictures of low-grade quality.

I was downloading some pictures of them when it became apparent to me that they had a marking I had not noticed before.  See for yourselves.

Here is Momma Katie upper left savoring her food and little Nico on the center giving me a "human let me eat" look.

Here is my favorite Little Katie (temporary name)...

Do you all see the letter M marking they all have?  Little Katie is growing up so fast and is so curious.

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