My little Walter

My little Walter
Sonny (orange one) and Nico

Monday, November 11, 2019

Looking for Sonny

I have been looking all over mom's property to see if I see any sign of Sonny dead or alive.  Being orange and white he is more likely to stand out than say Nico or Katie who due to their color can blend more easily into the landscape.

It makes me mad that Pollito has never come back to remove the weeds.  I did not like that Paquito follow me as he only has one eye and I did not want him to hurt it.

This is the area to the north which is easier to walk through than the southern part.

To the south where Walter's old corral is located has too many mesquite trees as well as thorny cacti.

I walked to the fence line but did not see or smell anything there either.

We do not have a County Animal Control Center and the City of Del Rio does not take animals from the county. Today is Veteran's Day in the United States so it is closed hoping to drive into town tomorrow just in case they have him.

It is funny because Sonny came here on his own and not even Blanca was able to get rid of him.  He did not like people or to be touched.  He barely allowed me to pat him in the head but only if he was busy eating and even then he would stop eating if I did so and take off until I left.

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Saturday, November 9, 2019

I am very sad...Sonny is missing!

I have been so sad I have not even wanted to make a post.  As you know I spent nine days at the Terlingua Chili Cook-off and before I left I made sure there was plenty of food and water for my boys Paquito, Nico, Sonny and my little girl Katie.

I usually make two trips when I go to Terlingua to make sure everything is alright at home and to leave things I do not need and or stock-up on those that I require.  When I came back in the middle of my vacation they had eaten all the food I left them...though they had help from the other stray cats in the neighborhood but they are very resourceful and love to hunt prey.

All the boys and Katie were here but when I came back from my trip Sonny was nowhere to be found. I looked around but could not find him and somehow convinced myself he would be back.  Here it is six days later and he is still missing.

It reminded me of Rudy who also left earlier this year not to be seen again.

Who knew these would be the last pictures I would take of my boy...:-(

Tuesday, October 22, 2019

Putting on weight or pregnant?

I suppose all of Katie's kittens have been adopted since they are no longer around and she spends most of her time here with the boys.

I can tell that they all have been putting on weight though my concern for Katie is that she is not gaining weight but might be pregnant :-(

I will keep positive thoughts in mind and hopefully, that is NOT the case.

Paquito has gone back to being a bully and keeps on pestering and running Sonny off.

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Cat Saying of the Day

Saturday, October 19, 2019

Fat Paquito / Deer Encounters

No kitten sighting in quite some time.  Their mother Katie has been hanging out with the boys during the day.  Paquito has been putting on weight he eats a lot and sleeps all day just not when I want him to like when I go for my morning walk.

I did not go for my morning walk today as I had to run errands in town but this afternoon I did but only for 30 minutes because it was getting dark.

Twice this past week when I have been coming home the back way I have had encounters with deer. With these summer-like temperatures, I forget that deer are active in the fall.  Glad I was paying attention would hate to wreck my vehicle and not be able to go to the Chili Cook-off!!!

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Cat Saying of the Day

Thursday, October 10, 2019

Cat Food / Pooping doves

I bought two bags of cat food on Tuesday when I went to Tractor & Supply.  I like that store since the employees will take my purchases and place them in my car.  I have a bad back and can not lift a lot of weight without throwing my back out.

Unfortunately, it was very hot so I left them in my car and did not open them until late this afternoon...well at least one of them...the 44 lbs one.  Like I previously mentioned I have a bad back so I cut it open and then used my 2.5-gallon bucket to bring the cat food into the house where I store it in 5-gallon buckets.

I washed my car on Tuesday but we have had a lot of wind lately and those darn doves that hang out in the garage/carport pooped all over it.  That is the main reason I do not mind if the boys eat them as snacks!

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