My little Walter

My little Walter
Walter, Pedrito and Dulcinea

Thursday, February 28, 2013

A Year Ago There Were Three

One of the main reason I started my other blog was because I wanted a Cyber Journal so if I was in need of a date or event I could easily find it no matter where I was at.

Tonight I was looking back at last year posts for the month of February and boy did we go from one spectrum to the other weather wise.  Had also forgotten that when we had a sleet storm Walter's owner had three horses (he used to have four but one died).  Here is the link...

I'm glad we did not have a sleet storm this year and with the warming temperatures forecasted for next week doubt we will experience one.  Last night it got down to 34 and right now it is 37 and Walter had a runny left nostril today, hope he doesn't get sick.

We went into town this afternoon around 6:15 p.m. and as of that time Walter had not been fed for the day even though the kid had been home from school for at least two hours.  When we came back at 7:11 p.m. he was finishing up his daily ration but without the sun shining on his water barrel could not tell if it had been filled or not.  Guess I will find out tomorrow morning.

I have no idea why someone would want to take on the great responsibility that comes with owning a horse when they obviously have no time to devote to their animal nor the economic means to properly care for him.

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Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Guess he is gone

I mentioned on yesterday's post that I was surprised his owner fed him at 11:30 a.m.  About two hours later I saw his truck leaving.  Figured he went to get more building supplies to finish his shed but he never did return.  Guess he went back to work out of town.

I guess he told his son he had fed him because the kid did not feed Walter after he got home from school. We had to go into town and did not come back until after dark so I did not go visit him again, mainly because I was scared.  A friend of mine that lives in Splendora, Texas had a close encounter with a snake and ever since she told me that I have been on edge and very aware of my surroundings.

The wind was nowhere near as bad as Monday but was blowing pretty good this morning.  Walter not being dumb moved far away from that flapping thing to the other side of the corral.  When I went to see him, he was napping so I came back home.

This afternoon I went back and he was finishing up the greenish hay they fed him.  I also noticed his water barrel had been filled.  Wonder what gives?  Wish they were always this attentive to his needs but I am happy for him.

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Tuesday, February 26, 2013

He called him by his name!

I was up early this morning and the first thing I did was go see Walter since yesterday's winds prevented me from going outside.  I was half way there when his owner who was working on his shed...spotted me.

I had no other choice but to greet him.  He met me at the fence that separates our properties. We made idle chat mostly about the winds yesterday and I asked him how his horse was doing.  To my surprise he said, " Walter's eye is doing fine" jajajajajaja...he actually called him by the name I gave him!

A little background if you are new to my other blog and came to check this one out.  I would always come and talk to this wonderful, lonely horse.  At first he was afraid of me but one time I noticed that his water barrel was empty so I brought him water which he happily lapped up and from then on he considered me his pal.
I asked the owner's kid what his name was and he told me he did not have a name, something that I thought was rather odd.  Who has a horse or pet without a name?  So I took it upon myself to give him one and I named him Walter.

One time his owner saw my mother outside and he came to ask her if his horse was not a bother because at the time our weeds were high and he would come graze here.  My mother told him it was not a bother to have Walter around and that her daughter made sure he always had fresh water.  He made a face and said "Walter?" to which my mother said "Yes, Walter...that is what my daughter named him".  So having him call him by that name is rather surprising :)

I saw his eye was alright but full of horse flies so I left as I obviously could not take his picture in front of him.  Around 11:30 a.m. I was surprised to see his owner giving him some hay.  He normally only gets fed in the afternoon after the kid comes home from school.

This afternoon as soon as I saw his owner's truck leave, I walked back to the corral and spent some quality time with him and took the following pictures...

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Monday, February 25, 2013

One Windy Day

The winds started at 2:14 a.m. and continued throughout the day.  I had never experienced such a windy day in Del Rio.  Per WeatherBug we had gusts to 48 mph. and it did not let up until late this afternoon.

If I look out the kitchen window, I can see the part of Walter's corral where that plastic cover is. Which by the way was flapping away and remarkably did not blow off.  He of course was not under it and chose to move to the other side where I can not see him unless I go outside.  Going outside was not an option today.

To get to him I have to pass a grove of mesquite trees whose limbs could have hit me in the head with the strong gusts.  I did see his owner by the corral, so at least I am hopeful that he went to check on him.

My hope is that all the dust and dirt flying around did not aggravate his poor eye.

Sunday, February 24, 2013

Walter's Eye

It has been a very windy day.  From my kitchen window I kept on looking towards Walter's corral and I could see that plastic thing he has for a cover was flapping in the wind.  I had told the kid last week how dangerous it was and to tell his father that if he needed another one, we had a couple of used metal ones.

During weekends I know his owner is home as well as the rest of the family so I try not to visit him during the day.  Late this afternoon I had not seen any activity by his corral and I was worried that he had not been fed, so I went to investigate.

He immediately came towards me as evidenced by this picture.  That is when I saw his eye!

I petted him and reassured him he would be fine.  Then as is customary began yelling the kid's name :-( His father's truck was there and they have good hearing but no one came out.  I did see the curtains move but I could not tell who looked out.

I came home to get some baby wipes to clean his eye but I really did not want to do that.  I wanted his owner to see he was bleeding so he could do something about it and for once and for all take what is left of that broken plastic thing off!

As I was going back to the corral I saw two figures in the distance so I yelled the kid's name once more.  It was his father and him and I told them what happened.  All he said was "Thank You".  I saw the man get into the corral while the kid watched and I left.

Here I was criticizing mother's "Nosy Rosie" neighbor and what did I go do?  Lol, I did the same thing...I went to get the water hose and started watering the trees, so I could keep a watchful eye from the distance :D

I went back later but it was dark and he was eating...and when he is one else matters to him. I can not blame him after all they only feed him once a day.

Though today I did notice they gave him a little more hay than usual.

I was hoping he would have removed the danger especially with the high winds forecasted for tomorrow but alas that is asking for too much from the "gentlemen".