My little Walter

My little Walter
Walter, Pedrito and Dulcinea

Thursday, July 31, 2014

It was a very hot July

So we end July the same way we started it...very hot. I have not been making as many daily trips to check on Walter as I would like to.  One reason being my leg that is once again giving me problems and secondly, it is much to warm except for early mornings and late evenings.

His owner must have a friend in the grass cutting business because he dumps bags of grass clippings and leaves for Walter to eat.  Last week he brought him these that look like either dried palm leaves or corn thingies (sorry I am not up in my plant lingo).

He brought quite a few and Walter enjoyed them for a few days

Water situation is the same...sometimes he has some and sometimes he doesn't. This particular morning at least he had half a barrel.

On this note we end the month of July 2014.

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Walter went riding

Saturday his owner took him riding.  Watched as they unloaded him and then the lazy teenager directed by his father backed up the truck and the horse trailer up against our fence.  Kept an eye on him just in case he hit it.

The father saw me watching them, seems we always happen to coincide whenever we are outside or perhaps I just keep an eye out for the goings on at the corral and go outside to check.

Was surprised the purple sage is once again blooming since we have not had that much precipitation after the heavy rains of last month.  Also these bushes get the water that stubborn Walter refuses to drink.

On this day I could not tell if his barrel was full or not. Only later in the afternoon when I did not have my camera on me did I see his face way down in the barrel.

Look at the above picture and how he killed and then smooth over his mesquite tree...wish he would do that to ours!

It has been very hot in the high 90's and 100's and he is still in the sun.  Guess his hot tin roof shelter is no better than being in the full sun.

Thursday, July 3, 2014

Not much has changed

Haven't written a post because not much has changed.  He is still eating his own feces, he is watered one day and then goes a couple without.  Some days he is fed in the morning and some he is fed at night.

At least he can look at the blooming purple sage :(

Last night he was not fed at all.  We had to go out of town so went to check up on him this morning. I finally saw the lazy teenager by the corral when I was with the propane guy.

He was given some hay. The sun was not shining on his water barrel so I could not tell if it was full or not.  I had a gallon jug with me but when I called out to him and showed him...he ignored me, so I am hoping that means he had some.