My little Walter

My little Walter
Walter, Pedrito and Dulcinea

Saturday, March 28, 2015

Ralph needs to go to anger management classes

Ralph has developed a mean streak lately.  When Pedrito and Tontolin first adopted Mom's house I was afraid they might hurt Ralph. In particular Pedrito who is the dominant dog.

It took me a while but I finally made him understand that Ralph was part of our family and he was not to be bullied.  When I say...I made him understand...I am talking figuratively as Pedrito is rather hardheaded.

Tontolin never got the message as Pedrito never allowed him to get near me.  At first Ralph was a little scared of both of them, specially Pedrito who only wanted to sniff him but he would have none of that.

I guess I also babied Ralph and tried to protect him.  Now it is a different ball game.  In more than one occasion Ralph has taken out his frustrations on Pedrito namely when I kick him out of the porch.  He is a fast cat and runs in when I am carrying the laundry or just coming inside.

The other day Pedrito was by the porch door and to protect the dog from him I grabbed his front legs as I was taking him to his favorite spot...the top of dad's old car.  He was so mad he actually bit me!  Darn, how can he bite the hand that feeds him?  While at the same time hissing at the dog!

I was looking out the window as I was washing dishes when I saw Tontolin coming for a visit and running smack into Ralph.  Ralph jumped up high in the air and started hissing and scratching then Tontolin took off after him but thankfully never did catch up to him.

Pedrito was a witness to all this and never did a thing to stop Tontolin...I guess it is safe to say he could have cared less?  He must be tired of being on the receiving end of his scratches!

Little Ralph definitively needs to go to anger management classes!

Side Note

I am sorry blog readers but Blogger is not letting me post pictures nor correct big gaps in this post.  Will try to go to the library tomorrow and see if I can fix this :-(

Monday, March 23, 2015

Tontolin decided to go off on his own

Tontolin decided to go off on his own.  Actually, I was expecting him to do that any day after the way Pedrito tries to run every aspect of his life.  He is not allowed to get near me, nor does not have access to the food I put out for both of them.

I know he is a little on the dumb side but he is a good dog. The last time he was here all day was on Saturday, March 7th.  I finally saw him Friday March 20th when it started to rain and he went into the garage to see if there was food and there wasn't!  Pedrito had left to go on his rounds but eaten everything.

He once again came back this Saturday but he quickly left.  Sure wish he would come back!

Sunday, March 22, 2015

Like cats and dogs

It is no secret that there is no love loss between Ralph and Pedrito.  Both of them try to out do each other and are always competing for my attention.  Lately I have become more of a disciplinarian and peace maker than I would like to be.

Earlier this month when it was still a little cool during the day, I made a little bed for Ralph out of a cardboard box of Bar-S hot dogs and an old flannel nightgown.  He loved it and would nap the day away in it.

He is small enough that he could be incognito during the day and the other strays that come visit would never know he was there.  This box of course sits on top of an old table where he is high off the ground.  Before the box he would sleep on top of the tarps that I keep there.

You can not pull one over Pedrito as he was well aware Ralph slept there.  I was looking out the window when I saw something move on the table and then saw a big blackish creature and panicked!  Upon further was Pedrito!

He must be 40 or 50 pounds and he was inside this small box!  I am amazed the table did not break in half as old as it is!  I took a picture through the window but it did not come out.  Ran outside to snap this as he was getting up.  Please excuse the mess as I also keep the gardening tools here amongst other things.

This is what Ralph's little box ended looking like....

Ralph was not too happy and later on that afternoon took his frustrations out on Pedrito by trying to scratch him across the face.  Afraid that Pedrito would try to retaliate, I took the scratch for him and do not regret doing so.

I swear these two are worst than kids!

Monday, March 16, 2015

He finally got groomed!

I was washing dishes back on Saturday March 7th, when I saw Walter's owner son-in-law go inside the corral and it caught my attention.  Who in the world would willingly go into that nasty corral?

I could not believe what I saw next...that young man was grooming Walter!

It has been YEARS since I saw him getting brushed and he seemed to enjoy it!

Sunday, March 15, 2015

Dulcinea it is!

I mentioned in another post that Pedrito tried to bite Walter's face when I was by his corral, a situation I quickly corrected.  I also mentioned that I have a vivid imagination and I thought the owners of Dulcinea were Walter's owners daughter and her husband and that I thought she looked pregnant the first time I saw her.

On Wednesday March 4th I went back to bed after serving mother breakfast.  Knowing what Pedrito had tried to do to Walter mom came and woke me up when she saw him grazing in our yard.  I too panicked at the thought of him biting him.

I grabbed my robe and ran outside to a barking Pedrito defending "his property".  I scolded him and told him to quit his barking and not to even think of hurting him.  I went up to Walter and petted him and told him everything was going to be alright.

Since I ran out without putting on my glasses I had no idea Dulcinea's owner was by the fence line.  He asked me if it was alright if he could also bring her to graze and I told him it was fine.

He brought her over and introduced himself as Walter's owners son-in-law.  He said he did not like to have her tied up all day as he wanted her to exercise for she was pregnant...she was already pregnant when they purchased her.

I told him that he could bring both of them over whenever he wanted as it would help me not having to weed eat the yard.  I told him that since I did not know her name, I called her Dulcinea.  I inquired what her real name was and he said she did not have a name...but she had one now...she would be named Dulcinea.

For those new to Walter's blog, I also named him as he did not have a name either!

Both were so happy trotting around that they barely grazed.  He said he would come for them in the afternoon but he never did, they spent the night here which was alright by me.

I wish I had had a camera to record a video of Pedrito the macho dog cowarding behind dad's old car as he watched them was too funny :D

Little Ralph did not do much better, he too got scared and went in search of higher ground.

P.S.  I apologize for all the gaps within this post but I am using IE and Blogger keeps on telling me it is not a compatible browser.  However, it is the only browser that lets me get online at this time.  It is also not letting me post pictures :(