My little Walter

My little Walter
Sonny (orange one) and Nico

Tuesday, June 11, 2019

Nico the hunter

I was looking out the window when I saw Nico pawing at something and then chasing it.  I went to go hang some items on the clothesline and it soon became clear what his prey was.

He seemed very proud of himself as I was...I hate mice and snakes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I can not believe what a fat little sucker he was....ewwwwww!!!

He took a couple of bites off of it and then left it alone.  I scolded him because I was not about to have to pick up this darn rat even with a shovel...I had more than enough with the dead snake.

For some reason neither Paquito or Sonny were around.  The next time I went outside those two had returned and had finished this rat off to my delight.

I took a short video but surprise surprise...I do not know how to upload it :-(


  1. One cat caught & the others cleaned it up! It's your lucky day!!

    1. Having to dispose of death varmints is not my idea of fun. Even Katie (the cat that just had her kittens) joined in the rat eating feast.