My little Walter

My little Walter
Walter, Pedrito and Dulcinea

Sunday, December 29, 2013

Looking out the window

I was looking out the kitchen window when I spotted someone inside of the corral at about 9:17 a.m.  Knew it had to be his owner because the kid rarely goes in there as not to get his tennis shoes full of poop.

He stopped and looked towards the house and obviously saw me looking at him. He got the pitch fork and brought in more hay. Then he stopped and looked my way again as if to say "I fed are you satisfied?"

I did not back down and I did not move from the window as I continued to look his way.  He did not seem to like that we keep on running into each other even if it is only through glass and two lots away.

The cold front got here tonight, sure hope Walter can keeps warm in that horrible, soggy and stinky corral.

Saturday, December 28, 2013

A week in review

Almost a week has gone by without an update.  Not that there is nothing to blog is just that it is so sad to write in this blog.  It seems like there is nothing positive to report.  Happy occasions are far and few.

On Monday, December 23th I went to see him and lord and behold he had eaten the majority of the leaves.  I still do not know if that is good or bad for him but I have the feeling that it can not be good! I do not know when his owner goes to work or what kind of work he has because he has been home for almost two weeks now.  This makes it difficult for me to feed him without being seen.

On Tuesday, December 24th I made sure I brought my camera along.

I could not make out whether or not there was water in his barrel.  It just kills me that he wont drink water even when I offer it to him...guess he thinks he is a camel?  Came back later and could actually see the water moving since the wind was so I felt better knowing he at least had some liquid gold.

His owner had seen me on several occasions today so once again he fed him...for my benefit?

It drizzled all night Thursday as well as all day Friday.  Today it quit but the sun did not come out and his corral was once again a soggy mess.  I swear even a pop up shade structure would be better than that POS he has for a shade and protection from the rain.

He looked filthy and all I could do was pet him, talk to him and feed him his pellets.  His owners did not seem to be around today so I took advantage of that.

Sunday, December 22, 2013

Since when do horses eat leaves?

With this darn flu/cold/cough that I have, I have been keeping a low profile and only yesterday and today did I go to visit Walter.

This afternoon as I was putting the plants back in the house I spotted a person all bundled up that kept on going into the corral.  I could not make out if it was the kid or the father.  Gave it a while and walked on over there.  Of course as my luck would have it, it was the man and we saw each other at the same time.

I am sure he hates seeing me just as much I hate having to see him but I caught him red handed emptying a bag of leaves on the side closest to my mother's fence.  Since I already had him in front of me, I greet one is going to say I don't have any manners by any means!  I asked him when he was going to let Walter come over.

He replied that he was going to have to add another line of barbwire to the fence he temporarily put up (without our permission I might add) because Walter had jumped it the last time he brought him over and they found him by the church. Wait a darn minute...when did he jump the fence?  Walter LOVES it at mom's house because I give him love and attention and clean water!

I said that I was always attentive to Walter and I did not remember him coming over and then jumping the fence, asked him when this took place?...he did not answer me.  Liar, liar pants on fire! jajajaja... now I feel like a six-year-old :D  But that is what he is...a LIAR!

I may be under the weather but my mother is not and she would have told me if he had come around. Excused myself and told him I had to put in the rest of the plants before nightfall as I was sick and did not want to get sicker.  All he said was "so you are sick ha?" he was probably glad to see me go...but I had already seen the leaves.

Went and got my camera and made my way once more to the corral but this time through the back as not to get caught.  Later I was sweeping the leaves from the porch (my mother is a stickler about that) and I saw him and the kid picking up a bunch of old timber like they were going to make a fire or something and they both saw me from afar. Sometimes I get the feeling like they know about my blog or at least that I am the one that used to call the authorities on them.  A while later they fed Walter some of the prop hay. Coincidence?

Sunday, December 15, 2013

All dressed up but mad!

The first couple of days of last week they played more hide and seek with Walter.  Do not know if he took him to the nephew's house so among the other horses he could be warmer or what the deal was. All I know is that when I went to feed him his evening meals he wasn't there.

On Wednesday morning (December 11th) I spotted him and made my way there.  He did not seem happy to see a matter of fact he totally ignored me, lol!

Later on that afternoon I thought I saw him with his saddle on.  I have wanted to get a picture of him for a long time now but when the opportunity presented itself I never had my camera on me.  Was glad they took that dirty old pinkish bridle off and put on his soft one.  Guess I am blind...he still had the dirty pinkish bridle on.

When he saw me coming he went to the far end of the corral and gave me his back!  Little Walter it is not my fault your owner is playing hide and seek with you!

I had to make my way through some prickly cacti and stretched out my arms to get a picture of him...silly horse :)

Here is another picture of the "prop hay" his owner brought him last weekend.  Even though when I have come in the evenings I have found him eating his hay.  At least this was the case on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday.

I have not been feeling well.  I have a terrible cold and sore throat and I have not ventured outside all weekend, hope the feedings continue.

Sunday, December 8, 2013

Another Bridle

I have no idea why Walter's owner keeps on changing his bridle.  Today he had a dirty old pinkish bridle...the same kind that Claire the mare had.

I have two ways to get to the corral, one is through the grove of mesquites but people can see me from the street or the back way through the side of the garage, it gives me more stealth but I have a smaller path to walk through and a lot more prickly plants to navigate.

Decided to go the back way, when I spotted Annie (a very friendly cat) as she was pouncing on something...froze on my tracks afraid it might be a rat or a snake.

She kept on swatting at something dark brown but I could not see very well as it was getting dark and I need new glasses.  Decided to go to the corral through the grove of mesquite instead...yes, I am a big chicken!

I believe it might have been a field mice...then she ate it!  :-(

I brought Mr. Walter some water since I could not see whether or not he had some.  He did not seem to be in a good mood today.  As I was pouring water in his green container, he tried and almost succeeded in toppling it over and getting me wet...he wanted FOOD not water.

Remember I mentioned his owner had brought him some hay?  Well, I believe this is more "prop hay" as he did not bother to feed him at all today even though the temperature went down to 27 last night. Did a zoom on the stack but it was getting dark so will try to get a better picture of it tomorrow.

Saturday, December 7, 2013

Cats do in fact have nine lives

A new cat has been roaming the house these past three weeks.  It is white and black and looks to be around 6 months old.  Every time I see him, I do not have my camera on me to take his picture.  Well, actually I have not been close enough to determine if it is a girl or a boy.

I never run off cats for as you know I have a morbid fear of snakes and rats and the two tend to go hand in hand.  If the neighborhood cats eat the rats then there is no food supply for the snakes!

Remember Waldo?  He is the cat that practically lived here until that day that his leg got caught in some sort of animal trap.  I tried to help him but he was scare and probably in a lot of pain.  Had not seen him since and for all practical purposes knew he was dead :(

Or so I thought...well on Tuesday morning there was a cat fight right by the kitchen door.  Went out to see what all the commotion was about and I will be darn if it wasn't Waldo running off the new cat!

His left hind leg looked to have had some sort of amputation but he looked fat and healthy otherwise. Again my respects to all those people that have a concealed weapon on them...I do not know how they do it...I can't even carry my camera on me half the time and it sure weighs less than a firearm!

Anyways he chased him or her out of the property and since that day I have not seen either one of them.

I am very happy Waldo is OK :-)

Thursday, December 5, 2013

Gone, Back, Gone, Back....

It seems like his owner is playing a game.  Walter is vanished, then he comes back and then he is gone again.

Monday afternoon when we came back from Mexico I spotted him grazing on an empty lot in front of his owner's house.  When I went to feed him that evening, he was nowhere in sight.  Now I know that man was not going to drive him anywhere that late in the day and his horse trailer was where it usually is.  Did he leave him at the neighbors all night?

Tuesday morning I was getting the car ready for our second trip to Mexico when I spotted Walter with his saddle and in his horse trailer just as his worthless owner was pulling out.  Darn...where was my camera when I needed it!  He looked so handsome :-)

He did not return or if he did, it was not to his corral.  Around ten or so this morning I saw his owner pull in to the corral with his trailer attached but no Walter.  This afternoon as I was coming back from town I spotted him once again grazing at the neighbor's empty lot...with no water in sight!

The temperatures dropped significantly today and I took a two and a half hour nap early this evening. By the time I got up it was dark and too cold to go see if in fact he was back in his corral.  At least I know he ate today.

Sunday, December 1, 2013

He is gone AWOL again :-(

Last time I saw him was Saturday morning in his corral.  Saw his owner nearby so did not go visit him till later.  No Walter...figured he was grazing on their weeds in the other lot.  Came back to feed him that night but he was nowhere in sight :-(

No sign of him today either.  Maybe he was vanished to the nephew's house?