My little Walter

My little Walter
Walter, Pedrito and Dulcinea

Thursday, February 27, 2014

How long has he been without water?

As I have written in my prior posts, I am having problems with pain in my legs and have not been able to walk to the corral to check up on Walter.  Today I was feeling better so I went to start dad's old car since it had been a week since I had last done so.

An agitated Walter...wish I knew how to make a video
he was moving his head from side to side
Dad's car is parked in the side of the house facing south looking towards the corral.  Walter immediately saw me and started neighing loudly and moving his head from side to side.  I just knew something was wrong and I got this gut feeling he needed water.  Grabbed a gallon milk jug and filled it up and also brought along his green container.

It looked like Walter had knocked the barrel down and the darn
kid had only picked it up.  Look where the barrel is at and where
the plastic plumbing is at.

He started running around in his corral kicking up a lot of dust as he waited for me to get there.  He drank that gallon in nothing flat and then he started neighing again as if asking me to bring him some more.  I felt so bad not knowing how long he had been without this precious liquid.

I do not know if it was the adrenaline but I walked back seven times to refill the milk jug and did not feel any pain in my right leg.  I was on my eighth trip when I spotted someone inside the corral.  I hid behind the garage as I waited for them to leave.

It was the darn lazy ass teenager who finally had come to fill his water barrel.  Though I have not come to the corral I have been keeping an eye on him from the kitchen and it occurred to me that I have not seen his worthless owner since Sunday that he hosted that political rally.  Wonder how that candidate would feel if he knew how he treats his animals.

Note how he had to position the barrel under the tubing in order to fill it up.  Had it been full that scrawny kid would not have been able to move it.

For those new readers have to mention that Walter prefers to eat rather than drink water.  He had food but he had not eaten it...that only confirms the fact that he had not been watered in days!

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

New bale of hay...coincidence?

Saturday, I watched when his owner backed up his pick-up to the corral with a big bale of hay on board. The truck and its content were left parked there for hours.  Feeling my legs to be much stronger decided to try to go pay Walter a visit later on that afternoon.

As luck would have it, just as I got to the corral his owner showed up!  Had to greet him and make idle chit chat.  Of course the main topic was the fire at Moody Ranch and how thick the air was with smoke last night.  I asked him when he was going to let Walter come graze on our property.  He ignored me and continue to talk about the fire.  OK...I can take a hint...guess he is never coming :-(

Later on that afternoon I saw there were a couple of canopies in the lot he cleared.  It became obvious to me why he cleared it and why our other neighbor came to help him with his tractor...political reasons.  He hosted one of the candidates running for County Commissioner.

As I was taking the picture I noticed that they had run over this poor stray dog in front of our house.  I had just been outside about an hour before and he wasn't there :-(  

We have no County Animal Control and it was the weekend so I e-mailed our current County Commissioner and they came and picked him up early Monday morning.  Guess I know who is going to get my vote.

It occurred to me that it was funny that the same day he would host a political candidate on his property...he would bring a new bale of hay for Walter...coincidence?

Friday, February 21, 2014

My little guy is on his own

It has been nine days since I have had a chance to post.  I have no way of knowing if the persons who read this blog also read my main blog.  For those that do not follow my other blog...I have been having problems with both of my legs even though my right leg seems to be worst.

Making a trip to Walter's corral involves uneven terrain and lots of prickly cacti.  I can not take the chance of falling down nor can I carry water or food with what is the point of going?

Another reason is that since his owner has cleared his lot, he can easily see me from his house.  While he is getting fed once a day the only thing that bothers me is that yesterday when we passed by there both when we were coming home from the hospital and also after I came back from the laundromat...he did not appear to have water.  His head was way down the inside of the barrel.

So my little guy is on his own until I get to feeling up to par :-(

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Ramón receives help

Walter has had his owner's company at least from afar for about two weeks.  He has spent a good deal of time clearing the lot where Walter's corral is located.  Have no idea why he is clearing it.  We have a truck go by to pick up tree limbs, brush, etc. once a month and Ramón lucked out as they quickly took the debris he cleared.

I think he must of known him since they spent 41 minutes yakking away and 10 minutes clearing the debris.

Just yesterday another neighbor who is in the business of clearing lots stopped by to visit with him.  This man is not one to clear a lot for free and Ramón is not one to pay for anything.  It is a mystery to me what arrangement they came to as this neighbor quickly brought his tractor and did the final lot clearing.

Poor Walter, he no longer has anything to shelter him from the elements except Mom's fence when the wind blows from the north.

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Paid an early visit

If you read my main blog, you are aware that I was rudely awaken this morning by a tractor unnecessarily clearing the corner lot.  Went outside to check it out and gave them a go to hell look.  It was 7:30 a.m. and I did not see Walter when I looked toward the direction of his corral.  His owner who must be unemployed as he has been home since November does not get up early or at least not to feed him and I doubted he would have saddled him up and taken him for a ride this early in the morning.

Made my way to the corral and saw he was laying down and his eyes looked sad and tired.

Unfortunately he was also laying down next to a pile of horse manure :-(

He heard me and he lifted his head up but did not look my way.  I am worried that while he has food he does not have water and with Ramón clearing his lot all day I can not give him any and even if I do...I think Walter thinks he is a camel.

Monday, February 3, 2014

Selling grass?

His owner spent all day clearing brush and dead grass.  Wondered why he did not feed some of that grass to Walter. Late in the afternoon when I was outside with the propane guy, I saw a white pick-up back up to his lot and both of them started loading it on the truck bed.

How odd I he selling it?  Can't see that man giving anything away!  Had my camera on me and went to the garage to see if I could take a picture without being seen.

Bet that guy was taking it to his horses...wonder if it was his nephew?

Once again Walter seemed happy his owner was around and that is all that matters :)

Sunday, February 2, 2014

Lot clearing

This past week Walter has been entertained.  His owner spent three days clearing part of his property and at least he got to see him all day rather than just in the mornings when he comes to feed him.

One afternoon I thought Ramón was finished for the day and went to check out what he had done.  Did not see he had come back so I had to keep on walking towards the corral or wind up looking suspicious.

When I got to there, Walter gave me his back and ignored me, lol!  Had to force myself to greet the man. Walter is in need of a good bath and/or brushing but I have yet to see him bathe him in all the time he has owned him.

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