My little Walter

My little Walter
Walter, Pedrito and Dulcinea

Sunday, December 27, 2015

Feeling guilty

This past week we have had spring like temperatures.  It has not even gotten cold so far this year. That all changed today, we had been told in advance about the inclement weather and that was the case. It came as no surprise when the winds, rain, sleet and snow flurries hit us around 10:15 a.m. this morning.

I thought about it last night and again this morning as I looked out the kitchen window and pondered whether or not to untie Pedrito and Boris in light of the changing weather conditions.  I had almost convinced myself to let Pedrito loose when the wind and rain began.  Having spent all of October and half of November practically on my death bed, I decided I could not go out in that kind of weather and risk getting sick again.

I watched from the window as poor Dulcinea was so frightened she was running like a chicken with her head cut off inside of Walter's corral.  I could see Walter's head bobbing from side to side while tied up to one of the many vehicles his owner has on that lot.

There are two dogs in the corner lot across from mother's house and they were howling like wolves.  I guess all the critters were scared and taken by surprise.  That did not change the fact that I felt guilty as all get out.

Though Pedrito drives me nuts, smelling me, following me around and pissing me off by chasing cars...I am fond of him.

Boris...well he has totally changed since he first showed up hungry, thirsty, dirty and with a mild demeanor...but I do not wish him harm either.

Mother told me that I had to be fair and if I untied one, I had to do the same to the I decided to leave them both tied up.  Good thing I did because three teenagers who were crazy enough to go walking in this weather passed by the house and Boris went nuts when he saw them.

Sure wish I could find someone to take him.  Preferably someone who lives in a ranch or in a far off location like Terlingua.  Frann...where are you?

Saturday, December 19, 2015

RIP Little Ralph

I guess I need to be upfront with my readers.  During the episode with the mice, I was asked about Ralph.  If you are new to this blog, Ralph was an adorable stray cat that came into my life last year.

The last time I saw him, he seemed so different, frightened and almost skeletal like.  I do not know what could have happened but it is evident that something drastic took place.

I went looking for him around the neighborhood.  One afternoon I was headed to town when I spotted him. I stopped and called his name...he turned around but I had cut my hair and he did not seem to recognize me...I walked towards him but he took off, as though he was afraid.

Returned to the same area on several occasions but I never saw him again.

I was pruning trees in the lot next to Walter's corral and there was a terrible odor.  That is no surprise as no one ever cleans out Walter's feces and it stinks to high heaven.

Walter kept on neighing as I worked so I went to see him but he did not go to the same area where I usually feed and water him.  Thought it strange but did not give it much thought.

Next day I went to finish the yard work and since the wind was blowing out of the south, the stink was worst.  Something told me to go look and when I did, I found my little Ralph.  I would not have known it was him but I recognized the rings on his tail.

I was furious as poor Walter was forced to endure the smell! I am sure his worthless owners smelled as well as saw him and did nothing about it.  All they had to do was shovel some of his poop on top of Ralph.  All this happened in August when I was having computer issues.

It was a sad ending but I finally got closure and little Ralph now rests in peace in Walter's corral.

Thursday, December 17, 2015

No water for Walter

I know it is fall but here in West Texas, we have been in the seventies and low eighties this week. Though the night time temperatures have been on the cool side.

Poor Walter is almost by the street...a heavily transited street I might add with no water in sight.  I have been walking to the corner and watering him.  However, my leg has been giving me fits and on a good day I have been able to take him 5 gallons and others only two.

This morning I was headed to Stripes to buy breakfast when I saw him trying to get a drink out of this POS totally empty and beaten up drinking container.

I was in line at Stripes to pay for my food when this guy that was ahead of me, was taking way too much time flirting with the girl clerk.  We had to go out-of-town and I did not need any unwarranted delays.

What was my surprise when after my turn came to go to the register this man would turn around and say "Hi, neighbor" was Walter's worthless owner.  I have no idea how he recognized me because I sure didn't recognize him!  He was not wearing his traditional white cowboy hat...just a baseball cap.

I just wanted to tell him off...he is such a worthless individual!  If with all my leg issues I can walk to the corner to water Walter...why can't he or one of his equally worthless sons, daughter or son-in-law?

I did not have the time as I still had to load the car since I thought we might be spending the night in Uvalde...but I made time to water him.  Sure wish I could do a lot more for finding him a caring owner.

Monday, December 7, 2015

Is Dulcinea about to give birth?

When Dulcinea first arrived at the neighbor's...I noticed right away that she might be pregnant.  Had to Google how long it took for a mare to have her colt...eleven months more or less.

I suppose the birthing of her colt is near as they kicked Walter out of his corral a week ago.  You would presume that they would have cleaned the darn thing so the little colt would be born in a sterile and hygienic environment...but you would be wrong!

Dulcinea is owned by Walter's owner's daughter and son-in-law...but they are just as worthless as that man!  These kids are young, they could have shoveled all the poop and crap out of the corral to welcome in the new member...but sadly they have not.

Sometimes I feel as if I lived in a third world country and not the United States of America, the greatest nation on earth!

Val Verde County sucks!!!  We have no Animal Control facility, no Animal Abuse Unit and a Sheriff's Department that couldn't give a rats ass about all the animal abuse and neglect that takes place within their jurisdiction.

I am not tech savvy  but I wish I were and could make Walter's and all the other animals plight go viral...sadly I do not think that will ever happen, :(

Meanwhile poor Walter is teetered to a tire with no water or food in close proximity.

Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Dogs will have to be tied up for good

As I mentioned on my main blog, we had to go San Antonio for a medical appointment. The local ophthalmologist told me to pack a bag for at least three days in case my mother had to have eye surgery.

Being that I have no one to feed and take care of the strays, I had no choice but to unleash them and leave them a lot of water.  I fed them a good meal and left them a little extra.  As you know dogs are not going to ration their portions.  Boris being the bigger dog eats everything and intimidates the other dogs.

The good thing was that my mother did not require surgery and we made it back home the same day. The bad news was that the dogs ran away from me and did not allow me to re-leash them. This morning they decided to gang up and chase activity they know pisses me off.  Even Tammy the shy dog joined in.

The neighbor lady walked to the school bus stop with her baby daughter and her mother-in-law's Chihuahua and these dogs decided to go harass her darn dog.  I ran outside to try to get them to stop but they did not pay any mind to me.  She had to pick it up and carry it.

The last thing I want is a lawsuit, so these dogs have got to go.  In the mean time the two male dogs will be permanently tied up.  There is nothing I can do about Tammy as she will not let me go near her. She has now decided to be a guard dog since the other two can no longer do that job.  The bad part is that she thinks the street is also hers and she runs outside through the down fence.

I do not know how helping strays turned out to be such a headache :(