My little Walter

My little Walter
Walter, Pedrito and Dulcinea

Sunday, February 28, 2016

A mystery

As you all know...on weekends even though it pains me...I try to block out what is going on with Walter and Dulcinea as their respective owners, as in Dulcinea's case...come home from their out-of-town jobs.

Pedrito and Boris do not like Dulcinea.  She has a tendency to kick and when she was here a couple of months ago, she kicked them both.  Boris is tied to one of the mesquite trees closer to the corral and every time he sees her approaching the fence, he barks at her.

There is a very good series on TV entitled "La Reina del Sur" which translates to "The Queen of the South" portrayed by Kate del Castillo a Mexican actress who caught "El Chapo's" eye when she made this series for Telemundo.  When I watch TV, I do not like to be bothered...however, the dogs were barking way to intensely for me to ignore.  It was around 5:30 p.m.

When I went to look out the kitchen window I saw Dulcinea in the middle of the street as cars braked not hit her.  How did she get out of the corral?  It looked like she wanted to come into mom's property but couldn't due to the barb wire Walter's owner placed so he would not escape when he comes to graze here.

Since there was nothing I could do, I went back to watching TV but came back to look out the window during commercials.  I saw Walter's owner by the corral looking towards our house and he stayed there for a long time.  Did he bring her here and she escaped because Boris barked at her? or did she somehow get lose on her own?

This evening the neighbor's dog started barking as he usually does around this time of the night.  I did not know if it was our strays or his dog but it was his darn dog.  Then I saw Walter's owner driving very slowly with his horse trailer attached.  Have no idea what might have happened.

Friday, February 26, 2016

Dog fight

I do not have much experience with dogs having only raised one from a puppy some twenty plus years ago.  I am mainly a cat person.  When I raised my puppy I also adopted an adorable orange kitten my neighbor gave me.  Both were raised like brothers and though they would fight at times, it was not an issue.

Pedrito and Tammy were the first strays that decided to stick around.  Pedrito would eat up his food and part of hers, then after he was full he would "allow" her to eat...again no fighting.  I would slip her more food when he was asleep.

When Boris arrived he was in bad shape physically.  Yet he was docile and and meek,  As his health improved his demeanor changed.  At first he would wait patiently for me to feed Pedrito and him but then it got to be a problem.  So much so that I had no other recourse than to tie them up in order to feed them due to all the fights over the food.

Now Oscar comes into the picture.  While the other two dogs continue to be tied up, Oscar decides to try to eat their food...bad idea!  Pedrito got him good and both were bleeding.  Then he got one of his legs wrapped around the tie out.  Got a broom and hit Pedrito to let him was close!

I had two bleeding dogs and Boris going nuts from his tree...thank goodness he was tied up!  You would think Oscar learned his lesson but no...he tried to do the same with Boris who is a young and much bigger dog.  Oscar must have a death wish :(

It's not like I do not feed him.  They all get the same amount of food.  With my bad back, there is no way I can get down a 40 to 50 pound sack of dog food. What I do is fill up yogurt containers and each dog gets one in the morning and one in the afternoon,

I do not know why Tammy brought Oscar home.  I think she was under a lot of stress when I decided to tie up the dogs and she had to run to the gate and see why or whom they were barking at.

With them contained, she was finally able to eat her food without one of them taking it away such as when I fed them chicken bones.  Now the same thing is taking place with Oscar.  Hope he does not start to get possessive or run after people on the street or he is going to be tied up too.

I do not like the idea of them being tied up, they should be able to run around and play but not at the risk of someone getting hurt or them hurting one another.

Thursday, February 11, 2016

Flooded Corral

Have not done an update on Walter in a while, mainly because there is no change and it pains me to have to rehash it.  He is still tied to a tire with cement, with no shelter and NO WATER!  They do feed him but do they think he is a camel?

My mother does not want me to water him because she thinks his owner is going to come tell me off. I told her that if he did (doubtful) I would tell him if he preferred I watered him or the Sheriff.  I hate that man!

This week it has not been my leg but my arms, the joint pain is killing me ( I suffer from Fibromyositis).  I have not been able to lift them above my head.  It has been difficult to wash my hair.  Since I could not carry a gallon of water, I carried two half gallons to balance myself out.

Unfortunately, I was unable to water him yesterday or today when the temperatures have been in the 80's and he is not sheltered from the sun.  With all those able bodied people living there, why doesn't anyone care about his welfare?

Dulcinea is not fairing much better.  Her owner filled up her barrel but I guess he forgot to turn the spigot off and flooded the corral.  Now she is in a pile of mud and only has a little space that sits higher and is the only dry spot. None of these worthless people should be allowed to be pet owners.

I am concerned that Dulcinea has a dead fetus. That colt has not been born yet and it has been well over a year that she has been pregnant.