My little Walter

My little Walter
Walter, Pedrito and Dulcinea

Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Where do they wander to?

Yesterday when I went to get the car from the garage for our early morning appointment, Oscar was by the front door but no Tammy in sight.  Told him he would have to wait until we came back so I could feed him.

When we got home there was still no Tammy.  Fixed breakfast for mother and then went outside to feed the dogs.  That is when I saw Tammy curled up asleep by a fallen tree with Oscar near by.  Had she been here all the time and I just did not see her?

She blends in so well with the surroundings.

When they finally woke up, they ate well, slept some more and once again disappeared into the night.  They showed up this evening for dinner and once again took off.  Where do they wander to?

Sunday, March 20, 2016

Pregnant again... :-(

As I have mentioned before Tammy will not let anyone except another dog get close to her.  I have tried to put my hand out to her so she will come to me with no success.  Not even when I fed her well during her last pregnancy did she allow me to approach her.

I had to use zoom to take this picture of her.  When I feed her she wont eat until I go inside, if I happen to come out she will run away.  That is the reason why I have not been able to take her to get fixed. She is a wild little dog but I am attached to her.

Today neither Oscar or her showed up to eat.  Wonder if she had her puppies?  I guess, I will know soon enough :(

Friday, March 18, 2016

New wheels for Dulcinea

This past week Dulcinea got new wheels...well, new to her.

Though a bit rusty bet I could fit all four dogs for a trip to Terlingua.  Do you think she would lend it to me?

Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Pedrito's Wound

Found that Pedrito did not have just one wound but two in his back and a minor one on his head.

 I could not get him to sit still in order to photograph him.

My poor Pedrito :(

Sunday, March 13, 2016

Back in his corral

With four dogs I am going through a 50 plus pound bag of food a week.  Back when it was only Tammy and Pedrito I would buy smaller bags.  After Boris joined the clan I started buying the big bags as they were cheaper.

I gave up buying dog food at HEB or Walmart because I could never find someone to put it on my cart.  I now do all my buying at Tractor and Supply as they employee young high school kids with strong backs. They also have better prices.

Today there was another dog fight but I had no idea until I saw an open wound on Pedrito's back, he also had a bite on his head.  Had another dog come unto the property they would have ALL started barking but I heard nothing.

Then I saw his pet dish flipped over and knew that it had been over food.  Oscar the new dog is always hungry though I give him the same amount as the others and sometimes a little more. Pedrito did not finish his share, so I think Oscar tried to eat it.  Last time Pedrito inflicted the damage and today it was Oscar's turn.

On another note Walter is back in his corral and I no longer will have to walk to the corner lugging milk jugs and having people seeing me water him.As far as Dulcinea is concerned...she doesn't look pregnant anymore. I saw her owner riding her in the empty lot behind the church.

Thursday, March 3, 2016

No luck

I want to thank Gypsy for providing the webpage and telephone number of the Houston SPCA.  We do not have long distance service on mother's landline to be able to call them.  I therefore went to their webpage.

Unfortunately this is what I found

This is what it says:

"If the county or state you're contacting us about is outside our jurisdiction, please contact the animal control organization, animal shelter or local law enforcement agency for that area. We cannot respond outside our jurisdiction unless requested by law enforcement."

There in lies the problem the CIty of Del RIo animal shelter will not respond to cases outside of the city limits.  They will tell you to call the Sheriff Department.  I have personally gone to that Department in the past and only one officer cared enough to go investigate, unfortunately he took a leave of absence and never came back.

The attitude I face is "lady we are too busy dealing with other issues".  That is why I quit reporting them and just water and fed Walter on my own,

There is another organization but they told me that they only deal with cats and dogs.

So i am back to square one.  This is the main reason I started this blog, to gather pictures and document the neglect suffered at the hands of this individual.

The last time I went to the Sheriff's Department I tried to show them my pictures but the official I talked to basically did not want to see them.  He told me they would take their own pictures in the course of the investigation.  What investigation?

Walter is not the only horse I have reported.  Remember Claire that was left for over a month in a lot owned by the county, with filthy water and no food?