My little Walter

My little Walter
Walter, Pedrito and Dulcinea

Saturday, February 28, 2015

High price of cat food

It has been a cold, wet and dreary day. The dogs slept in the garage/carport/shed last night and left on their rounds around noon. They must go in different directions because they do not return together.

El Enano (Ralph's dog pal) has been spending a lot of time with Tontolin so that means Ralph is not with him.  Ralph is so evasive.  He comes around for a couple of days and then he goes missing in action.  Before they closed the main road into the sub-division I went to HEB to stock up and bought him his cat food.

My gosh when did cat food go up so much?  His small bag of food was almost $5.00 so Ralph I might just have to switch you to HEB's brand or feed you dog food....joking!

He stayed away for a couple of days and it wasn't until Thursday February 26th that he finally showed up.  He has not been back since.  I sure wish I knew where he hangs out at.

Tonight it is drizzling and I feel so bad for Walter and Dulcinea but more for Walter since he is in that wet feces infested corral with mud up to his ankles.

Friday, February 27, 2015

I have not forgotten about Walter

No guys, I have not forgotten about Walter.  For good or for bad all things remain the same with him. Since my bout with the flu these past two weeks I mainly have limited myself to checking in on him from the kitchen window. I have gone a couple of times to offer him water which of course he refuses.

His owner and Dulcinea's owner must go in on the hay because they recently bought another one...if only they would actually feed it to him.  Dulcinea's owner got her a brand spanking new aluminum trash can where he keeps her horse pellets which she is fed in the afternoons.

You can see the hay in back of the pick-up

Poor Walter just looks at her eat as they don't bother to feed him at the same time.  I really do not like to go when Pedrito is here because he follows me and gets possessive if I pet Walter. He has tried to bite his face until I swatted him in the butt and yelled at him.

I am glad his owner did not see that or he might not be willing to bring Walter to graze or worst yet, he might retaliate against Pedrito.

 The one thing I am glad of is that at least he has Dulcinea to keep him company.

Thursday, February 19, 2015

A great Wednesday!

One thing is to be feeling sick and another to feel sad and sick. I was worried about Ralph since the last time I saw him he was sneezing so much and then the cold front hit.

It was around one thirty in the afternoon when I first saw Pedrito, he was by himself.  I was so happy to see him!  We had been saving our chicken and turkey legs in case they ever showed up. I grabbed them and went outside to feed them to him.

I would have liked to have given some to Tontolin as well, but he was not around.  I even fed him his new dog food.  He was happy at the welcome feast.  I even pet him for the first time and he liked that too. In no time flat he was asleep.

What do you know, about an hour later Ralph showed up!  Lol, did some one forget to tell me it was supposed to be critter reunion day?

To round out the party Tontolin showed up with El Enano. El Enano (Dwarf in Spanish) is the dog that Ralph grew up with and whom is his good buddy.

Pedrito and Tontolin slept in their usual places in the front yard.  Even barked at something last evening but again this morning they took off and have not returned.

Ralph was here but he is still not looking up to par.

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

No dogs, no Ralph, the Flu

It seemed so strange to look out the window in the morning and not see the dogs sleeping by the front door or by the front tree.  Funny how I got attached to them both without even noticing it.  I could see the little path they had made from the front yard of the adjacent lot near Walter's corral all the way to my tent and going to the backyard where the down fence is at.

I had a lot of theories as to why Pedrito left. Perhaps his owner had been out of town or maybe had been incarcerated and he had to take to the streets to fend for himself.  Maybe he just got out of the hospital or a nursing home and now he had his owner back.

In the mean time Ralph did not seem at all preoccupied with his absence.  He looked a little thin and he was sneezing quite a bit.  He did not eat much but he drank a lot of water and went to sleep in the warm sunny rays atop dad's old car.

That afternoon I fed him supper and once again my ex-little porky pig ate very little. That was the last time I saw him, Thrusday, February 12th one day after I last saw Pedrito.

He could have very well come by Friday and Saturday but I got the flu and was out for almost two days. Unfortunately, mother caught my germs and Sunday she fell ill as well.

The saga continues...

Behavioral Change

In the early part of February I began to notice that Pedrito no longer spent most of the day at the house.  Even when I did not feed him much in the past, he would be gone for a while but would always come back.

I noticed he started leaving early in the morning and not coming back until late at night and only to sleep. His sidekick Tontolin stayed most of the day which I found odd as he is always following him around.

I had bought them another bag of dog food even though I had said I wasn't.  He ate it when he came over but once again was gone by sunlight.  A few days later Tontolin disappeared too :-(

Mother thought perhaps the dog catcher caught them but I had to remind her that the County does not have a dogcatcher nor a pound to house them.  It just seemed so strange.  I even drove around to see if he had gotten run over and thankfully that was not the case.

It was already dark when I went to take out the trash on Wednesday, February 11th and he came out of the blue without making a sound, something that I particular dislike about him and Ralph both...they never make their presence known.

I was so happy to see him!  Felt bad for thinking that he might be a goner. Told him to wait while I went to get his doggie plate. But he looked different, like he was in a rush.  He ate his food and left.

It was like he came to say...don't worry about me, I am going to be fine.

Sunday, February 8, 2015

Break through moment

I am finding out a lot about Pedrito.  I was proud of him when I first fed him that he had left some food for his friend Tontolin.  Turns out that was not the case.  He left some so HE could eat it later.  He does not let him come near the food.

You would think that being strays and buddies he would feel sorry for him as I am sure they went hungry on many occasions and would share at least a little :-(

I have tried to feed him when Pedrito is napping but as soon as Tontolin sees me...he takes off. Yesterday, we finally had a break through moment.  Pedrito having eaten fell asleep, while Tontolin was napping in the front yard.  I slowly opened the door and showed him a turkey leg bone, he ran off but not very far as he watched me leave it on the ground.

Went inside and spied on him.  He came back, got the bone and went to the adjacent lot to eat it. Waited a while and went and offered him some more bones...again he came over and got them.

I think Pedrito whom I now call Pedro must be the leader of the strays because he pretty much runs the show and they obey.

Thursday, February 5, 2015

Cold and wet

It has been cold for this part of the world and unfortunately we have had rain as well.  I say unfortunately because Walter's corral becomes a muddy mess and I hate seeing him in that cold damp feces laden jail cell he calls home :(

Look how dirty he is, full of mud and crap!

It seems I can not go anywhere without Ralph and Pedrito following me.  Neither one of them like that I go see Walter or that I pet him.

Had to once again have a talk with Pedrito because he started barking at him.  Dumb dog...Walter is in his corral in his owners property!