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Monday, August 5, 2019

Katie came back only to leave again

No Katie to nurse Precious so I got a little plate and put some food for him/her to eat.  Unfortunately, I had to set it on the ground and ants got in it...but he/she ate it anyway.

Thursday - August 1st I made my last round outside at 8:10 p.m. and Katie and her kittens were back.

Saturday - August 3rd I woke up to the cats running on the roof and making all kinds of raucous. Then I heard a catfight with one cat meowing loudly (probably Paquito) and a small meow from the other.  This was in the front yard but by the time I went outside, there was no cats only the scent of a skunk.

By the time the sun came up, there was no Katie and no kittens around.  The only cat I saw that afternoon was Pappa Cat eating.  I really hope Paquito did not harm them.  He is so territorial I am surprised he had not run them off sooner.

It is Monday - August 5th and they have not been back.  I hope the neighbor three lots down that I think bought Blanca her flea collar will give them water.  It has been so hot lately in the three digits with equally high heat indexes.

I think they are OK with food as she is still nursing them and with the neighbors not securing their horse, chicken, and dog food supply there is an abundance of mice.  The boys are mousers I just wish they would eat them at the neighbors and NOT by the front door.

There are also many birds...mostly crows and pigeons...who make a mess and that I do not mind if the boys hunt them.

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