My little Walter

My little Walter
Walter, Pedrito and Dulcinea

Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Empty water barrel on a 99 degree day

We had a high of 99 today. I did not go outside until 7:30 p.m. as I had to run an errand in town.  As I was walking to the garage, I saw Walter trying to get my attention and moving wildly side to side.  Just from his movements I knew he did not have any water.

Sure enough he didn't.  Apparently when he knocked down the barrel he broke that pipe contraption his owner rigged up.  The worthless teenager only limited himself to picking it up so passing traffic would not see it knocked down.

I took five gallons which he quickly lapped up.  I needed to leave so told him to hold on a while longer and I would bring him more when I returned.  I hated to do that but they were waiting on me.

When I got back, I almost got caught by the kid.  Luckily, I spotted his flashlight as he was heading for the corral.  I put down the gallon I was carrying and turned on my own flashlight and met him at the fence line.  I informed him Walter did not have any water (like he didn't know). You know what he said?... "I gave him water yesterday"...what an asinine reply!  I wanted to say "you ate yesterday, does that mean you did not eat today?"

I think his father must be out of town so he is in charge of Walter. If you have been reading this blog for a while you know how well he takes care of him...grrrrrrr!!!

Came back later as I fully expected he would ignore my petition but believe it or not he filled his water barrel...wonders never cease!

Sunday, April 27, 2014

Just what I needed...a rooster!

It was 90 degrees today but we were fortunate to have SE winds at 20 mph gusting to 30 mph all day. My mother has a cold so we have not turned on the air conditioning yet. With the strong winds we opened up all the windows and relied on ceiling fans to keep cool.

Two or three years ago I bought this screen mesh online that you velcro to your door so the mosquitoes and flies do not go in your house.  I used it in the kitchen door and we had a good breeze going when I spotted a rooster...WTH?  I went and grabbed my camera but the little sucker spotted me and took off.  I hid behind trees but did not fool him, lol!

He was all over mom's yard but I did not bother with him anymore.  This evening when I was feeding Walter this big bird flew and landed on the fence by us.  He scared the living daylights out of me!  Then I realized it was the darn rooster!  Sorry buddy, you are out of luck...I am only feeding Walter!

My camera does not take good night time shots.  After I finished feeding him, I went and got it anyway to see if I could manage a half decent photograph...which I did not these will have to do.

Failed at getting either one in the shot, lol!

I found it funny that Walter was not rattled by his presence, as a matter of fact he never acknowledged him. Wonder if he belongs to his owner?

After he saw I was not going to share Walter's pellets with him...he went to sleep and I think he was napping the whole time I was taking pictures...silly rooster.

Friday, April 25, 2014

New bale of hay

On Easter Saturday (April 19th) I saw Ramon backing up to the corral with a new bale of hay in the back of his pick-up.  He had the worthless teenager with him as well as his small son.  Watched from the kitchen window as he and the elder son shoved the bale to the end of the tailgate.  He then jumped on the truck and moved back and forth braking real fast in order to get the hay to fall off on its own.

Poor little Walter got scared and ran off to the other end of the corral.  That was good and well but he never bothered to feed him said hay that day.

It never ceases to amaze me that even with the high temperatures we have been experiencing lately...neither he nor his son bother to fill his water barrel.  Look where the water level is on that blue barrel...and it is a dark color indicating the water is dirty.

Because of my bad back and my leg pain I have been hiding milk jugs behind this purple sage since I have been watering him during the day.  This is the only purple sage that actually has flowers since it gets the H2O that he doesn't drink.

Remember Claire the mare?  I have gone looking for her but they either sold her or she is grazing somewhere else.  Her owner now has two burros and a couple of goats in his property.  Why oh why do they allow people like him and Walter's worthless owners to be able to have animals under their care?

From the above picture it is evident there is nothing for these animals to graze on.  While he may not have water at least that burro has shade.

Friday, April 11, 2014

Thursday, April 10, 2014

Flies and Poop

Man, I sure hate to update the blog with things like this...especially when there is absolutely nothing I can do about it...though I have tried.  No sense going to the Val Verde County Sheriff's Department, where I have gone in person three times in the past to no avail.

His worthless owner has been home and I have seen him several times both yesterday and today.  He has been doing something during the day on the lot where Walter's corral sits.  What that something is, remains unclear, but obviously he has not been feeding him.

Was watering the trees late this afternoon and looking towards the corral, so I could go see him without being seen.  Poor Walter was eating poop, you have no idea how that makes me feel.  I truly loathe his worthless owner!

Note the downed old ice chest where they
feed him his pellets...been that way since yesterday

With the temperatures in the 90's...flies were swarming his face.

Saturday, April 5, 2014

He was so thirsty!

It was early in the afternoon when I looked out the window toward his corral.  I saw him going back and forth kicking up dust and not acting like himself.  Decided to walk over and investigate...he came to the fence to meet me and started moving his head from side to side...a gesture I know well.

First thing I did was look toward his water barrel...saw that it had been moved away from the spigot...that means Walter knocked it down to let his worthless owners know it was empty and the lazy ass teenager only picked it up.

Here he is waiting for me to bring him some more water
 as he moves his head from side to side.

Immediately went to fill up some gallon milk jugs and grabbed his green container.  He sucked it dry until he had drank 8.5 gallons at which time we walked away and began eating his hay.  I felt so guilty for not having come by yesterday to check up on him. How can two able bodied men fail to look after their horse and not even provide him with water?  Shameful!

I was filling up milk jugs and hiding them behind this mesquite tree that finally served a purpose, as I did not want to be seen watering him.  After he finished eating he neighed as if saying "woman bring me more water"...I did and he drank two more gallons.

Late in the afternoon I saw a red truck parked by the corral.  Then I saw what appeared to be a woman dressed in red...I knew it was NOT that man's wife as she absolutely hates Walter.  Decided to take a page from mother's "Nosy Rosie" neighbor and started watering the trees.

She appeared to be a teenage girl and she gave him more hay and actually went into the corral, moved his blue barrel under the spigot contraption his owner rigged up and turned on the water.  Could it be his owners were not home?  He has so many vehicles it is hard to tell.

Waited a prudent time and then went to check.  Sure enough she filled his water barrel so much that it spilt over but at least he finally has water and more hay to tie him over until tomorrow.

Thanks for dropping by Walter's.

Friday, April 4, 2014

Summer temperatures in Spring

We have gone from spring to summer in two weeks.  It was 94 degrees yesterday and it has been in the 90's for a couple of days.  I have been sneaking to his corral to water him but thankfully it has not been bad like in other occasions.  The most he has drank is two gallons and I believe he did so because the water in his barrel was hot.

What concerns me the the metal thing in his poorly constructed shade structure...that has long since come loose.  This thing can fly off any minute, straight to our house and in the path of where I park dad's old car and sometimes mine.  Walter is safe unless the winds were to come out of the west.

The metal thing makes a lot of noise and it scares him so he goes to the other end of his corral where he has no protection from the blaring sun.  The only reason he is where he is at in the picture below is because I came over to water him.

In the past two weeks his owner has taken him riding on three occasions.  For the most part my little guy is doing well and that is always a good thing.