My little Walter

My little Walter
Walter, Pedrito and Dulcinea

Sunday, December 27, 2015

Feeling guilty

This past week we have had spring like temperatures.  It has not even gotten cold so far this year. That all changed today, we had been told in advance about the inclement weather and that was the case. It came as no surprise when the winds, rain, sleet and snow flurries hit us around 10:15 a.m. this morning.

I thought about it last night and again this morning as I looked out the kitchen window and pondered whether or not to untie Pedrito and Boris in light of the changing weather conditions.  I had almost convinced myself to let Pedrito loose when the wind and rain began.  Having spent all of October and half of November practically on my death bed, I decided I could not go out in that kind of weather and risk getting sick again.

I watched from the window as poor Dulcinea was so frightened she was running like a chicken with her head cut off inside of Walter's corral.  I could see Walter's head bobbing from side to side while tied up to one of the many vehicles his owner has on that lot.

There are two dogs in the corner lot across from mother's house and they were howling like wolves.  I guess all the critters were scared and taken by surprise.  That did not change the fact that I felt guilty as all get out.

Though Pedrito drives me nuts, smelling me, following me around and pissing me off by chasing cars...I am fond of him.

Boris...well he has totally changed since he first showed up hungry, thirsty, dirty and with a mild demeanor...but I do not wish him harm either.

Mother told me that I had to be fair and if I untied one, I had to do the same to the I decided to leave them both tied up.  Good thing I did because three teenagers who were crazy enough to go walking in this weather passed by the house and Boris went nuts when he saw them.

Sure wish I could find someone to take him.  Preferably someone who lives in a ranch or in a far off location like Terlingua.  Frann...where are you?

Saturday, December 19, 2015

RIP Little Ralph

I guess I need to be upfront with my readers.  During the episode with the mice, I was asked about Ralph.  If you are new to this blog, Ralph was an adorable stray cat that came into my life last year.

The last time I saw him, he seemed so different, frightened and almost skeletal like.  I do not know what could have happened but it is evident that something drastic took place.

I went looking for him around the neighborhood.  One afternoon I was headed to town when I spotted him. I stopped and called his name...he turned around but I had cut my hair and he did not seem to recognize me...I walked towards him but he took off, as though he was afraid.

Returned to the same area on several occasions but I never saw him again.

I was pruning trees in the lot next to Walter's corral and there was a terrible odor.  That is no surprise as no one ever cleans out Walter's feces and it stinks to high heaven.

Walter kept on neighing as I worked so I went to see him but he did not go to the same area where I usually feed and water him.  Thought it strange but did not give it much thought.

Next day I went to finish the yard work and since the wind was blowing out of the south, the stink was worst.  Something told me to go look and when I did, I found my little Ralph.  I would not have known it was him but I recognized the rings on his tail.

I was furious as poor Walter was forced to endure the smell! I am sure his worthless owners smelled as well as saw him and did nothing about it.  All they had to do was shovel some of his poop on top of Ralph.  All this happened in August when I was having computer issues.

It was a sad ending but I finally got closure and little Ralph now rests in peace in Walter's corral.

Thursday, December 17, 2015

No water for Walter

I know it is fall but here in West Texas, we have been in the seventies and low eighties this week. Though the night time temperatures have been on the cool side.

Poor Walter is almost by the street...a heavily transited street I might add with no water in sight.  I have been walking to the corner and watering him.  However, my leg has been giving me fits and on a good day I have been able to take him 5 gallons and others only two.

This morning I was headed to Stripes to buy breakfast when I saw him trying to get a drink out of this POS totally empty and beaten up drinking container.

I was in line at Stripes to pay for my food when this guy that was ahead of me, was taking way too much time flirting with the girl clerk.  We had to go out-of-town and I did not need any unwarranted delays.

What was my surprise when after my turn came to go to the register this man would turn around and say "Hi, neighbor" was Walter's worthless owner.  I have no idea how he recognized me because I sure didn't recognize him!  He was not wearing his traditional white cowboy hat...just a baseball cap.

I just wanted to tell him off...he is such a worthless individual!  If with all my leg issues I can walk to the corner to water Walter...why can't he or one of his equally worthless sons, daughter or son-in-law?

I did not have the time as I still had to load the car since I thought we might be spending the night in Uvalde...but I made time to water him.  Sure wish I could do a lot more for finding him a caring owner.

Monday, December 7, 2015

Is Dulcinea about to give birth?

When Dulcinea first arrived at the neighbor's...I noticed right away that she might be pregnant.  Had to Google how long it took for a mare to have her colt...eleven months more or less.

I suppose the birthing of her colt is near as they kicked Walter out of his corral a week ago.  You would presume that they would have cleaned the darn thing so the little colt would be born in a sterile and hygienic environment...but you would be wrong!

Dulcinea is owned by Walter's owner's daughter and son-in-law...but they are just as worthless as that man!  These kids are young, they could have shoveled all the poop and crap out of the corral to welcome in the new member...but sadly they have not.

Sometimes I feel as if I lived in a third world country and not the United States of America, the greatest nation on earth!

Val Verde County sucks!!!  We have no Animal Control facility, no Animal Abuse Unit and a Sheriff's Department that couldn't give a rats ass about all the animal abuse and neglect that takes place within their jurisdiction.

I am not tech savvy  but I wish I were and could make Walter's and all the other animals plight go viral...sadly I do not think that will ever happen, :(

Meanwhile poor Walter is teetered to a tire with no water or food in close proximity.

Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Dogs will have to be tied up for good

As I mentioned on my main blog, we had to go San Antonio for a medical appointment. The local ophthalmologist told me to pack a bag for at least three days in case my mother had to have eye surgery.

Being that I have no one to feed and take care of the strays, I had no choice but to unleash them and leave them a lot of water.  I fed them a good meal and left them a little extra.  As you know dogs are not going to ration their portions.  Boris being the bigger dog eats everything and intimidates the other dogs.

The good thing was that my mother did not require surgery and we made it back home the same day. The bad news was that the dogs ran away from me and did not allow me to re-leash them. This morning they decided to gang up and chase activity they know pisses me off.  Even Tammy the shy dog joined in.

The neighbor lady walked to the school bus stop with her baby daughter and her mother-in-law's Chihuahua and these dogs decided to go harass her darn dog.  I ran outside to try to get them to stop but they did not pay any mind to me.  She had to pick it up and carry it.

The last thing I want is a lawsuit, so these dogs have got to go.  In the mean time the two male dogs will be permanently tied up.  There is nothing I can do about Tammy as she will not let me go near her. She has now decided to be a guard dog since the other two can no longer do that job.  The bad part is that she thinks the street is also hers and she runs outside through the down fence.

I do not know how helping strays turned out to be such a headache :(

Thursday, November 26, 2015

Side effect of the puppies?

With the help of one of mother's friends we adopted out the last of the five puppies. I am glad I still have my little cat carrier as it came in handy.

Those puppies as cute as they were, were a pain to deal with. They got into a lot of things and chewed up my tarps, tore into the mulch bags, and basically wreaked havoc.

However, we think they might have had something to do with what we now have or at least mother is sure it was their fault.  What we have now are baby mice that have us on pins and needles.  My blood pressure is already through the roof and this situation has not helped any!

One of my readers suggested the mice baits and that worked great.  I was firmly convinced that we had put the issue to rest when I saw two baby mouse dart by as I was on my computer this morning.  I screamed like a mad woman.

Our kitchen was a later add-on and built higher than the main house as we had had problems with water coming into the house. If you close the kitchen door you pretty much isolate the problem...or so we thought.

Mother thinks that the puppies food (even though they ate it all) along with the water I left out by the back kitchen door was an invitation to rodents.  I have to admit she might have a point.  She wants all three dogs gone but I have no idea how I am going to do that.

These dogs have probably never ridden in a car and I have no idea how they would react.  As far as Tammie is concerned...she does not trust me enough to even let me pet her.  I do not think anyone would wants these strays.  My only alternative is to put them to sleep but again the problem is how do I get them to the vet in order to do that?

It is a good thing that I decided to go to Tractor & Supply instead of Home Depot since they are much closer to the house. I found large poison bait more suitable for a ranch environment and I will be there first thing tomorrow to purchase them.  Not saying there is anything wrong with the smaller bait but I just can't deal with this infestation and neither can my nerves.

Any suggestions?

Saturday, November 7, 2015

3 Dogs plus 5 Puppies.............HELP!!!!

A long time has gone by since I have made a post mainly due to my computer problems. That does not mean that nothing has been going on with Walter, Dulcinea, Pedrito, Tammy (formerly Tontolina) and the latest addition Boris.

Tammy, named after country singer Tammy Wynette of Stand by Your Man fame is a very docile dog that is completely dominated by Pedrito.  He is like a pimp, gives her protection but she has to pay him with food or body.

Tammy and Pedrito showed up together and though I have been feeding her for at least 10 months, she has never (nor has Pedrito permitted) that I pet her.

In this time she has had three litters but she has not had them in mom's property but in an adjacent vacant lot owned by me.  I have never seen her litters...that is not until last Wednesday!  She brought me her five puppies!

During this last pregnancy I fed her well and you could tell she was grateful.  I did it with a double purpose, for her to have a healthy pregnancy and for her to be able to trust me.  The reason I wanted her trust was so I can take her to the vet to get her fixed.  This poor dog is just bringing more strays into our neighborhood who in turn will make the stray population grow even larger.

We do not have a County Animal shelter.  Only the city of Del Rio does and they do not take animals from the county.  I am at a loss as to what to do.  Short of taking out an ad in the newspaper or setting up a cardboard box with  a "free puppies to a good home" sign on the main drag...I am at a loss :(

I never wanted one dog let alone eight....HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tammy does not want to nurse them anymore, she runs from them or bites them if they try.

I got to say I am impressed with Boris a big black dog that is a baby himself at around six months old.  He plays with them, cleans them and also disciplines them if they misbehave.

Boris playing with one of the pups
that is sitting on Pedrito's head

Your suggestions are welcomed.

Sunday, June 28, 2015

Walter went home

This morning at 8:00 a.m. Walter was still here.  We were not expecting rain until noon...but we all know that weather forecasting is not an exact wonder the thunder, lighting and rain came earlier than expected.

I was so tired I went back to bed though I could hear the lighting and the rain pounding on the roof. Around 9:00 a.m. I heard the dogs bark very loudly...knew then and there that someone had come unto the property but frankly did not care.

When I finally got up...could not see Walter anywhere...and then I spotted something moving in the corral, and knew it had to be him....sure enough it was.  Why would they come for him after the heavy rain we had last night?  His corral was a pigs pen :(

Hope he comes back soon because there is no way I can take care of him during this summer.  My back is killing me and my right leg is giving me fits...there is no way I can walk to his corral to feed and water him.  Sure wish some authority would take matters into their own hands and remove him from that horrible man known as his owner!

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Walter Update

Walter has been here for a while.  His owner every now and then takes him somewhere for the day but by night fall he is back at our house.  While I have no problem with that, I just can not believe his owner's gall.

For those readers that do not live in Texas...we have been having a lot of rain these past months. While this is good considering the state has been in extremely drought conditions, it has been both a blessing and a curse.

The native grasses and weeds have grown exponentially and there is a lot of mud from the already saturated ground and the daily downpours.  It would be difficult for me to carry gallons of water to his corral under these circumstances.  Having him here makes me feel better knowing at least he has fresh cool water. Make no mistake even in the shade he drinks at least 20 gallons.

While he is fed at least once a day his feeding schedule is not consistent.  He has even taken to eating the dogs food.  I have to feed them when he is in the other lots or he will come running wanting his share.

I looked out the window and noticed that the baby tree that had so much foliage looked the ants had eaten the leaves.  Lord and behold, it wasn't the was Walter who had been munching on it!

I could care less if he eats and even kills the mesquite trees but I draw the line at shade trees!  He has also been squeezing himself into the garage and since he is so big, he has moved the car side mirrors. Solved that by parking closer to the wall and leaving more space for him to escape the rain, sun and hail. Surprisingly during a rather severe storm instead of being in the carport/garage...he was by my bedroom window as the water was rising and covering his ankles!

He is getting along better with the dogs or rather they with him.  It is funny to watch Pedrito interacting with him.

The other day that he was nowhere to be found, I walked to his corral and it is apparent that his owner does not plan on putting him back in there anytime soon.  He has the food canisters for both him and Dulcinea there along with some other junk and it is overgrown with weeds.  As usual, I did not have my camera with me!

I think I am going to have to go back to buying him horse pellets as I do not know how to break him of this new found habit of nibbling on shade trees.

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Ralph Update

I can not believe I have not done a post in almost two months!  Computer problems continue to plague me and of course the NBA playoffs and finals.

I will start by doing an update on Ralph.  He must be almost a year old by now and I guess he is out chasing girl cats.  He disappeared for a while and when he came back, he was almost skeletal like and pretty beaten up.

His little eye was almost shut :(

While Pedrito keeps his distance and does not mess with him, I can not say the same for Tontolina.  Even though she is a non-agressive dog she likes to chase cats and I do not like that.  Several times she has chased him off the property just as I was fixing to feed him.

One night while I was watching the playoffs I heard several dogs and a terrible noise like they were taking apart an animal.  Ran outside only to find the neighbor's dog from across the street loose and in our yard.  He is a mean dog and should not be roaming the streets.  The lady neighbor heard me yelling at the dogs and came to get him.

Weeks went by and I had come to terms with the fact that he was probably dead.  Then out of the blue he showed up again.  I was so happy to see him!

The above picture was taken the day we supposedly had an earthquake in Del Rio.  It was raining cats and dogs so I had to wait in the garage/carport for a long while.  Had just washed the car and he jumped up and left his dirty paws all over it :(

He came by about two weeks ago but again Tontolina chased him off the property and Pedrito did nothing to prevent it!  Hope he is OK.

Thursday, April 23, 2015

Tontolin turned out to be Tontolina

When Pedrito and his gang of stray first showed up at the house, I thought they were all male.  I was unsure about Tontolin since he/she had so much hair and Pedrito would not allow him/her near me.

All the others would go somewhere else but Tontolin would stay here with Pedrito.  It is finally apparent why he/she turns out he is a girl and was pregnant.  I suppose she went home or to a secure place to have her puppies.

Before he would not share his food with her, but now he does.  Could the puppies be his?  I have been putting out a little more food since she is nursing.  She comes more often now and also drinks a lot of water.  How can people not give their animals water in this heat?  It got to 90 degrees today.

Monday, April 20, 2015

Walter is visiting

We have had a lot of rain this month and unfortunately that means knee deep mud and poop at Walter's corral.  Last Tuesday I was surprised when I saw him in mom's yard as Pedrito never barked to alert us of his presence or the presence of the person that brought him.

It does not matter, we were very happy to see him even though I can not say the same for Ralph and Pedrito :D

Even though I have been trying to keep up with the yard, his help is greatly needed and appreciated. He has food, water, shade and lots of place to roam. Two days later Dulcinea joined him.

I can't help but think that she came from a bad situation and being with Walter's owner's family is an improvement.  For those not familiar with the blog, she was bought by Walter's owner's daughter and son-in-law.  They do a way better job of looking after her needs than Ramon (made up name for his owner) does of Walter's.

She is very destructive and has tried on several occasions to tip over the heavy garbage container. I wonder if that is what she had to do when she was with her prior family?  She also turns over potted plants and tries to get into small places instead of staying in the grassy areas (green weeds).

Ramon came to take Dulcinea home and Pedrito barked at him and he did not like it.  I came out right away as I was afraid he would try to kick him...I do not like that man!

I said bye to Dulcinea and Walter and Ramon replied...I am only taking her, I will leave you Walter! There was no...thank you for having them, can Walter stay a couple more days?  Nothing...oh well, I guess he was never taught manners.

Pedrito got a wild hair and started following and pestering Walter. Wish I had had a video camera to capture Walter having had enough of him and chasing him around the, that was funny! That settled him down real fast :)

I have some pictures that I will have to upload later as I did not download them from my camera yet.

Ralph is getting a mean streak in him and scratched me around the ankle because I got him down from mom's recliner in the porch...but Shhhhhh...don't tell mom!  The scratch marks lasted about two weeks and are finally healing.

I went by Church's last week and saw about five cats who had obviously been dumpster diving and were happily napping.  I told Ralph that if he did not change his attitude he would be joining them soon (kidding)...jajajajajaja!

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Back to the old shenanigans

Little Walter's owners are back to the same old shenanigans of the past.  No water, little food and knee deep in poop.

Even with Dulcinea close by Walter looks sad and rightly so!

When he spent nearly two weeks here earlier this year...his owner tied this dirty ice chest to a corral post so he could feed him without having to come into our property.  I had the flu at the time and could not clean it for him.  I think the sun has helped bleach it.

I plan on giving it a good cleaning and filling it up with water for the upcoming hot summer months. Ralph and Pedrito wont let me go visit him without tagging along, lol :)

He came by the other day to graze, this time without Dulcinea. However, with the recent rains the weeds have gone crazy and I sure could use his help once more.

I was surprised he was here as Pedrito throws a fit anytime any animal or person comes into the property (except for his stray friends).  Could it be that he has finally warmed up to Walter?

Saturday, March 28, 2015

Ralph needs to go to anger management classes

Ralph has developed a mean streak lately.  When Pedrito and Tontolin first adopted Mom's house I was afraid they might hurt Ralph. In particular Pedrito who is the dominant dog.

It took me a while but I finally made him understand that Ralph was part of our family and he was not to be bullied.  When I say...I made him understand...I am talking figuratively as Pedrito is rather hardheaded.

Tontolin never got the message as Pedrito never allowed him to get near me.  At first Ralph was a little scared of both of them, specially Pedrito who only wanted to sniff him but he would have none of that.

I guess I also babied Ralph and tried to protect him.  Now it is a different ball game.  In more than one occasion Ralph has taken out his frustrations on Pedrito namely when I kick him out of the porch.  He is a fast cat and runs in when I am carrying the laundry or just coming inside.

The other day Pedrito was by the porch door and to protect the dog from him I grabbed his front legs as I was taking him to his favorite spot...the top of dad's old car.  He was so mad he actually bit me!  Darn, how can he bite the hand that feeds him?  While at the same time hissing at the dog!

I was looking out the window as I was washing dishes when I saw Tontolin coming for a visit and running smack into Ralph.  Ralph jumped up high in the air and started hissing and scratching then Tontolin took off after him but thankfully never did catch up to him.

Pedrito was a witness to all this and never did a thing to stop Tontolin...I guess it is safe to say he could have cared less?  He must be tired of being on the receiving end of his scratches!

Little Ralph definitively needs to go to anger management classes!

Side Note

I am sorry blog readers but Blogger is not letting me post pictures nor correct big gaps in this post.  Will try to go to the library tomorrow and see if I can fix this :-(

Monday, March 23, 2015

Tontolin decided to go off on his own

Tontolin decided to go off on his own.  Actually, I was expecting him to do that any day after the way Pedrito tries to run every aspect of his life.  He is not allowed to get near me, nor does not have access to the food I put out for both of them.

I know he is a little on the dumb side but he is a good dog. The last time he was here all day was on Saturday, March 7th.  I finally saw him Friday March 20th when it started to rain and he went into the garage to see if there was food and there wasn't!  Pedrito had left to go on his rounds but eaten everything.

He once again came back this Saturday but he quickly left.  Sure wish he would come back!

Sunday, March 22, 2015

Like cats and dogs

It is no secret that there is no love loss between Ralph and Pedrito.  Both of them try to out do each other and are always competing for my attention.  Lately I have become more of a disciplinarian and peace maker than I would like to be.

Earlier this month when it was still a little cool during the day, I made a little bed for Ralph out of a cardboard box of Bar-S hot dogs and an old flannel nightgown.  He loved it and would nap the day away in it.

He is small enough that he could be incognito during the day and the other strays that come visit would never know he was there.  This box of course sits on top of an old table where he is high off the ground.  Before the box he would sleep on top of the tarps that I keep there.

You can not pull one over Pedrito as he was well aware Ralph slept there.  I was looking out the window when I saw something move on the table and then saw a big blackish creature and panicked!  Upon further was Pedrito!

He must be 40 or 50 pounds and he was inside this small box!  I am amazed the table did not break in half as old as it is!  I took a picture through the window but it did not come out.  Ran outside to snap this as he was getting up.  Please excuse the mess as I also keep the gardening tools here amongst other things.

This is what Ralph's little box ended looking like....

Ralph was not too happy and later on that afternoon took his frustrations out on Pedrito by trying to scratch him across the face.  Afraid that Pedrito would try to retaliate, I took the scratch for him and do not regret doing so.

I swear these two are worst than kids!

Monday, March 16, 2015

He finally got groomed!

I was washing dishes back on Saturday March 7th, when I saw Walter's owner son-in-law go inside the corral and it caught my attention.  Who in the world would willingly go into that nasty corral?

I could not believe what I saw next...that young man was grooming Walter!

It has been YEARS since I saw him getting brushed and he seemed to enjoy it!

Sunday, March 15, 2015

Dulcinea it is!

I mentioned in another post that Pedrito tried to bite Walter's face when I was by his corral, a situation I quickly corrected.  I also mentioned that I have a vivid imagination and I thought the owners of Dulcinea were Walter's owners daughter and her husband and that I thought she looked pregnant the first time I saw her.

On Wednesday March 4th I went back to bed after serving mother breakfast.  Knowing what Pedrito had tried to do to Walter mom came and woke me up when she saw him grazing in our yard.  I too panicked at the thought of him biting him.

I grabbed my robe and ran outside to a barking Pedrito defending "his property".  I scolded him and told him to quit his barking and not to even think of hurting him.  I went up to Walter and petted him and told him everything was going to be alright.

Since I ran out without putting on my glasses I had no idea Dulcinea's owner was by the fence line.  He asked me if it was alright if he could also bring her to graze and I told him it was fine.

He brought her over and introduced himself as Walter's owners son-in-law.  He said he did not like to have her tied up all day as he wanted her to exercise for she was pregnant...she was already pregnant when they purchased her.

I told him that he could bring both of them over whenever he wanted as it would help me not having to weed eat the yard.  I told him that since I did not know her name, I called her Dulcinea.  I inquired what her real name was and he said she did not have a name...but she had one now...she would be named Dulcinea.

For those new to Walter's blog, I also named him as he did not have a name either!

Both were so happy trotting around that they barely grazed.  He said he would come for them in the afternoon but he never did, they spent the night here which was alright by me.

I wish I had had a camera to record a video of Pedrito the macho dog cowarding behind dad's old car as he watched them was too funny :D

Little Ralph did not do much better, he too got scared and went in search of higher ground.

P.S.  I apologize for all the gaps within this post but I am using IE and Blogger keeps on telling me it is not a compatible browser.  However, it is the only browser that lets me get online at this time.  It is also not letting me post pictures :(

Saturday, February 28, 2015

High price of cat food

It has been a cold, wet and dreary day. The dogs slept in the garage/carport/shed last night and left on their rounds around noon. They must go in different directions because they do not return together.

El Enano (Ralph's dog pal) has been spending a lot of time with Tontolin so that means Ralph is not with him.  Ralph is so evasive.  He comes around for a couple of days and then he goes missing in action.  Before they closed the main road into the sub-division I went to HEB to stock up and bought him his cat food.

My gosh when did cat food go up so much?  His small bag of food was almost $5.00 so Ralph I might just have to switch you to HEB's brand or feed you dog food....joking!

He stayed away for a couple of days and it wasn't until Thursday February 26th that he finally showed up.  He has not been back since.  I sure wish I knew where he hangs out at.

Tonight it is drizzling and I feel so bad for Walter and Dulcinea but more for Walter since he is in that wet feces infested corral with mud up to his ankles.

Friday, February 27, 2015

I have not forgotten about Walter

No guys, I have not forgotten about Walter.  For good or for bad all things remain the same with him. Since my bout with the flu these past two weeks I mainly have limited myself to checking in on him from the kitchen window. I have gone a couple of times to offer him water which of course he refuses.

His owner and Dulcinea's owner must go in on the hay because they recently bought another one...if only they would actually feed it to him.  Dulcinea's owner got her a brand spanking new aluminum trash can where he keeps her horse pellets which she is fed in the afternoons.

You can see the hay in back of the pick-up

Poor Walter just looks at her eat as they don't bother to feed him at the same time.  I really do not like to go when Pedrito is here because he follows me and gets possessive if I pet Walter. He has tried to bite his face until I swatted him in the butt and yelled at him.

I am glad his owner did not see that or he might not be willing to bring Walter to graze or worst yet, he might retaliate against Pedrito.

 The one thing I am glad of is that at least he has Dulcinea to keep him company.

Thursday, February 19, 2015

A great Wednesday!

One thing is to be feeling sick and another to feel sad and sick. I was worried about Ralph since the last time I saw him he was sneezing so much and then the cold front hit.

It was around one thirty in the afternoon when I first saw Pedrito, he was by himself.  I was so happy to see him!  We had been saving our chicken and turkey legs in case they ever showed up. I grabbed them and went outside to feed them to him.

I would have liked to have given some to Tontolin as well, but he was not around.  I even fed him his new dog food.  He was happy at the welcome feast.  I even pet him for the first time and he liked that too. In no time flat he was asleep.

What do you know, about an hour later Ralph showed up!  Lol, did some one forget to tell me it was supposed to be critter reunion day?

To round out the party Tontolin showed up with El Enano. El Enano (Dwarf in Spanish) is the dog that Ralph grew up with and whom is his good buddy.

Pedrito and Tontolin slept in their usual places in the front yard.  Even barked at something last evening but again this morning they took off and have not returned.

Ralph was here but he is still not looking up to par.

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

No dogs, no Ralph, the Flu

It seemed so strange to look out the window in the morning and not see the dogs sleeping by the front door or by the front tree.  Funny how I got attached to them both without even noticing it.  I could see the little path they had made from the front yard of the adjacent lot near Walter's corral all the way to my tent and going to the backyard where the down fence is at.

I had a lot of theories as to why Pedrito left. Perhaps his owner had been out of town or maybe had been incarcerated and he had to take to the streets to fend for himself.  Maybe he just got out of the hospital or a nursing home and now he had his owner back.

In the mean time Ralph did not seem at all preoccupied with his absence.  He looked a little thin and he was sneezing quite a bit.  He did not eat much but he drank a lot of water and went to sleep in the warm sunny rays atop dad's old car.

That afternoon I fed him supper and once again my ex-little porky pig ate very little. That was the last time I saw him, Thrusday, February 12th one day after I last saw Pedrito.

He could have very well come by Friday and Saturday but I got the flu and was out for almost two days. Unfortunately, mother caught my germs and Sunday she fell ill as well.

The saga continues...

Behavioral Change

In the early part of February I began to notice that Pedrito no longer spent most of the day at the house.  Even when I did not feed him much in the past, he would be gone for a while but would always come back.

I noticed he started leaving early in the morning and not coming back until late at night and only to sleep. His sidekick Tontolin stayed most of the day which I found odd as he is always following him around.

I had bought them another bag of dog food even though I had said I wasn't.  He ate it when he came over but once again was gone by sunlight.  A few days later Tontolin disappeared too :-(

Mother thought perhaps the dog catcher caught them but I had to remind her that the County does not have a dogcatcher nor a pound to house them.  It just seemed so strange.  I even drove around to see if he had gotten run over and thankfully that was not the case.

It was already dark when I went to take out the trash on Wednesday, February 11th and he came out of the blue without making a sound, something that I particular dislike about him and Ralph both...they never make their presence known.

I was so happy to see him!  Felt bad for thinking that he might be a goner. Told him to wait while I went to get his doggie plate. But he looked different, like he was in a rush.  He ate his food and left.

It was like he came to say...don't worry about me, I am going to be fine.

Sunday, February 8, 2015

Break through moment

I am finding out a lot about Pedrito.  I was proud of him when I first fed him that he had left some food for his friend Tontolin.  Turns out that was not the case.  He left some so HE could eat it later.  He does not let him come near the food.

You would think that being strays and buddies he would feel sorry for him as I am sure they went hungry on many occasions and would share at least a little :-(

I have tried to feed him when Pedrito is napping but as soon as Tontolin sees me...he takes off. Yesterday, we finally had a break through moment.  Pedrito having eaten fell asleep, while Tontolin was napping in the front yard.  I slowly opened the door and showed him a turkey leg bone, he ran off but not very far as he watched me leave it on the ground.

Went inside and spied on him.  He came back, got the bone and went to the adjacent lot to eat it. Waited a while and went and offered him some more bones...again he came over and got them.

I think Pedrito whom I now call Pedro must be the leader of the strays because he pretty much runs the show and they obey.

Thursday, February 5, 2015

Cold and wet

It has been cold for this part of the world and unfortunately we have had rain as well.  I say unfortunately because Walter's corral becomes a muddy mess and I hate seeing him in that cold damp feces laden jail cell he calls home :(

Look how dirty he is, full of mud and crap!

It seems I can not go anywhere without Ralph and Pedrito following me.  Neither one of them like that I go see Walter or that I pet him.

Had to once again have a talk with Pedrito because he started barking at him.  Dumb dog...Walter is in his corral in his owners property!

Friday, January 30, 2015

Making strides

It has been a little challenging getting used to having two dogs and a cat but we are slowly making strides. I should really say one dog because Tontolin (his temporary name) is still elusive and wont come near me.

I have only had one dog in my entire life but I have had a long string of cats. What can I say?...I am a cat person so it has been an adjustment for me as well.

Yesterday was the last sunny day in the 70's which we will have for a while.  I took the opportunity to wash clothes and hung them up in the clothesline.  Spent a lot of time outside and bonded a little more with Pedrito.

Remember I felt sorry for him for having a bum leg?  Turns out it might have been his own fault. He likes to chase cars as they go by.  I gave him a stern talking to!  Tontolin likes to do the same.

Ralph has been by every single day since they have been here.  Seems he does not want to lose any ground to the dogs and wants to maintain his status as the favorite pet at the Del Rio branch of Terlingua Dreams. :D

I did not keep my word of not feeding them.  Ended up buying a large bag of dog food. Sure wish Pedrito would share some of it with Tontolin like he did the first time I fed them both.

While not best pals at least Ralph and Pedrito are trying to get along.

This afternoon I went to check on Walter and both Ralph and Pedrito followed me.  I wish I had had my camera handy and taken a picture of the three of them :-)

Thank you for dropping by.

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Meet Pedrito's sidekick

The first time I noticed Pedrito hiding behind the shed/garage I thought he was alone.  It did not take long to notice that another dog was with him.  I can't be 100 percent sure it is a male but I sure hope it is!

Except for one occasion when I fed both of them...his sidekick takes off when he sees me.  I have tried to talk to him in a soft voice but he wont get near me.  All I know is that Pedrito pretty much calls the shots and he does what he tells him.

I was impressed with Pedrito the first time I fed him because he saved some food for his friend but lately it has not been that way...he eats the whole darn thing.  I have tried to feed him when the Pedrito is sleeping but again he takes off :-(

The only pictures I have of him were taken through the kitchen window.

Thinking he is male...which he might be, I thought of calling him Tomas, Tomacito or Tommie but I have been calling him Tontolin lately.  Tontolin is a non-offensive Spanish word for someone that is not very bright.  I know, that is mean...perhaps he is just shy?

Monday, January 26, 2015

Meet Pedrito

This is Pedrito, I named him in honor of Pedro Sola a commentator of an entertainment show that is beamed to the border from Mexico City called Ventaneando.  While most shows in Mexico will replace you in the blink of an eye, especially if you happen to be older...TV Azteca the network he works for...has chosen to keep him in their ranks.

In Spanish when you use ita (for a female) or ito (for a male) it is a term of endearment. For example I would be Belindita. Though I have been calling him Pedro a lot lately! Pedrito is an older dog and he seems to have had a hard life.  He does not mind very well and he tends to growl.

He has a bum leg but he still manages to follow me wherever I go.  Ralph likes to follow me too and there in lies the problem.  Being a stray dog he does not care for cats and though Ralph was raised with a dog...he does not like Pedrito.

I have set Pedrito straight and told him he better not harm Ralph nor growl at him menacingly.  I hope I have gotten through to him.

Here Ralph keeps a watchful eye on him from his favorite place...on top of dad's old car.

I am just now noticing how chunky little Ralph is getting...he is starting to resemble a butterball turkey :D

Monday, January 19, 2015

Dogs with a limp :-(

We have always had a problem with stray dogs in this area.  It is compounded by the fact that the County ceased to have an Animal Control unit due to budget restrains.

It seems that all of mother's neighbors have dogs and even though they bark at night none of their owner come outside to shut them up. Last week during the morning some of them were going crazy and I went outside to see why.

There were about six or seven dogs traveling in a pack strutting down the street paying no mind. Later that afternoon I saw one come into the yard and stop to drink water from the large container I set out for Walter and which I had not had a chance to empty since he went back home,

I watched him from the kitchen window and I felt so sorry for the poor dog.  He walked with a limp and he looked like he had had a hard life.  I will never deny an animal water so instead of emptying Walter's water I refilled it.

It did not take long for his other friends to get wind of it and they came to get a drink too. Sunday I went to the backyard and ran into one of the dogs.  As soon as he saw me he ran off like he was afraid I was going to hurt him.  He too was limping. I talked softly to him and told him not to go.

I had a can of dog food that I have had for some time now and decided to give it to him. That is when I noticed that another dog was hiding in back of the shed/garage looking at us. I called out to him as well but he took off. Again this poor dog also walked with a limp.  Is it because people throw rocks at them? That really made me sad.

What impressed me about the first dog I fed was that he could have easily eaten all I gave him but he left some for the other dog!  Got another bucket and placed it closer to him so he does not have to go far for a drink and he wont be as evident to the two dogs in the corner who are vicious as well as the dog across from mom's.

This morning I saw that both were asleep in the back of the shed/garage.  When I went outside they looked up and were fixing to run but again I spoke softly to them and they seemed to understand. Got two aluminum containers from my KFC pot pies and gave them some of Ralph's cat food.  They gobbled it up and went back to sleep.

This evening I looked out the window and another one of their friends had joined them.  They were just laying around having a good time.  With the down fence and all the weeds having been mowed courtesy of Walter anyone can walk into the yard.  Maybe these strays will patrol the house at night.

Ralph does not seem to mind them as it appears he grew up around dogs.  When I was feeding him on top of dad's old car, the dogs hid but were watching like peeping Toms from the corner, lol :D