My little Walter

My little Walter
Walter, Pedrito and Dulcinea

Sunday, December 29, 2013

Looking out the window

I was looking out the kitchen window when I spotted someone inside of the corral at about 9:17 a.m.  Knew it had to be his owner because the kid rarely goes in there as not to get his tennis shoes full of poop.

He stopped and looked towards the house and obviously saw me looking at him. He got the pitch fork and brought in more hay. Then he stopped and looked my way again as if to say "I fed are you satisfied?"

I did not back down and I did not move from the window as I continued to look his way.  He did not seem to like that we keep on running into each other even if it is only through glass and two lots away.

The cold front got here tonight, sure hope Walter can keeps warm in that horrible, soggy and stinky corral.

Saturday, December 28, 2013

A week in review

Almost a week has gone by without an update.  Not that there is nothing to blog is just that it is so sad to write in this blog.  It seems like there is nothing positive to report.  Happy occasions are far and few.

On Monday, December 23th I went to see him and lord and behold he had eaten the majority of the leaves.  I still do not know if that is good or bad for him but I have the feeling that it can not be good! I do not know when his owner goes to work or what kind of work he has because he has been home for almost two weeks now.  This makes it difficult for me to feed him without being seen.

On Tuesday, December 24th I made sure I brought my camera along.

I could not make out whether or not there was water in his barrel.  It just kills me that he wont drink water even when I offer it to him...guess he thinks he is a camel?  Came back later and could actually see the water moving since the wind was so I felt better knowing he at least had some liquid gold.

His owner had seen me on several occasions today so once again he fed him...for my benefit?

It drizzled all night Thursday as well as all day Friday.  Today it quit but the sun did not come out and his corral was once again a soggy mess.  I swear even a pop up shade structure would be better than that POS he has for a shade and protection from the rain.

He looked filthy and all I could do was pet him, talk to him and feed him his pellets.  His owners did not seem to be around today so I took advantage of that.

Sunday, December 22, 2013

Since when do horses eat leaves?

With this darn flu/cold/cough that I have, I have been keeping a low profile and only yesterday and today did I go to visit Walter.

This afternoon as I was putting the plants back in the house I spotted a person all bundled up that kept on going into the corral.  I could not make out if it was the kid or the father.  Gave it a while and walked on over there.  Of course as my luck would have it, it was the man and we saw each other at the same time.

I am sure he hates seeing me just as much I hate having to see him but I caught him red handed emptying a bag of leaves on the side closest to my mother's fence.  Since I already had him in front of me, I greet one is going to say I don't have any manners by any means!  I asked him when he was going to let Walter come over.

He replied that he was going to have to add another line of barbwire to the fence he temporarily put up (without our permission I might add) because Walter had jumped it the last time he brought him over and they found him by the church. Wait a darn minute...when did he jump the fence?  Walter LOVES it at mom's house because I give him love and attention and clean water!

I said that I was always attentive to Walter and I did not remember him coming over and then jumping the fence, asked him when this took place?...he did not answer me.  Liar, liar pants on fire! jajajaja... now I feel like a six-year-old :D  But that is what he is...a LIAR!

I may be under the weather but my mother is not and she would have told me if he had come around. Excused myself and told him I had to put in the rest of the plants before nightfall as I was sick and did not want to get sicker.  All he said was "so you are sick ha?" he was probably glad to see me go...but I had already seen the leaves.

Went and got my camera and made my way once more to the corral but this time through the back as not to get caught.  Later I was sweeping the leaves from the porch (my mother is a stickler about that) and I saw him and the kid picking up a bunch of old timber like they were going to make a fire or something and they both saw me from afar. Sometimes I get the feeling like they know about my blog or at least that I am the one that used to call the authorities on them.  A while later they fed Walter some of the prop hay. Coincidence?

Sunday, December 15, 2013

All dressed up but mad!

The first couple of days of last week they played more hide and seek with Walter.  Do not know if he took him to the nephew's house so among the other horses he could be warmer or what the deal was. All I know is that when I went to feed him his evening meals he wasn't there.

On Wednesday morning (December 11th) I spotted him and made my way there.  He did not seem happy to see a matter of fact he totally ignored me, lol!

Later on that afternoon I thought I saw him with his saddle on.  I have wanted to get a picture of him for a long time now but when the opportunity presented itself I never had my camera on me.  Was glad they took that dirty old pinkish bridle off and put on his soft one.  Guess I am blind...he still had the dirty pinkish bridle on.

When he saw me coming he went to the far end of the corral and gave me his back!  Little Walter it is not my fault your owner is playing hide and seek with you!

I had to make my way through some prickly cacti and stretched out my arms to get a picture of him...silly horse :)

Here is another picture of the "prop hay" his owner brought him last weekend.  Even though when I have come in the evenings I have found him eating his hay.  At least this was the case on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday.

I have not been feeling well.  I have a terrible cold and sore throat and I have not ventured outside all weekend, hope the feedings continue.

Sunday, December 8, 2013

Another Bridle

I have no idea why Walter's owner keeps on changing his bridle.  Today he had a dirty old pinkish bridle...the same kind that Claire the mare had.

I have two ways to get to the corral, one is through the grove of mesquites but people can see me from the street or the back way through the side of the garage, it gives me more stealth but I have a smaller path to walk through and a lot more prickly plants to navigate.

Decided to go the back way, when I spotted Annie (a very friendly cat) as she was pouncing on something...froze on my tracks afraid it might be a rat or a snake.

She kept on swatting at something dark brown but I could not see very well as it was getting dark and I need new glasses.  Decided to go to the corral through the grove of mesquite instead...yes, I am a big chicken!

I believe it might have been a field mice...then she ate it!  :-(

I brought Mr. Walter some water since I could not see whether or not he had some.  He did not seem to be in a good mood today.  As I was pouring water in his green container, he tried and almost succeeded in toppling it over and getting me wet...he wanted FOOD not water.

Remember I mentioned his owner had brought him some hay?  Well, I believe this is more "prop hay" as he did not bother to feed him at all today even though the temperature went down to 27 last night. Did a zoom on the stack but it was getting dark so will try to get a better picture of it tomorrow.

Saturday, December 7, 2013

Cats do in fact have nine lives

A new cat has been roaming the house these past three weeks.  It is white and black and looks to be around 6 months old.  Every time I see him, I do not have my camera on me to take his picture.  Well, actually I have not been close enough to determine if it is a girl or a boy.

I never run off cats for as you know I have a morbid fear of snakes and rats and the two tend to go hand in hand.  If the neighborhood cats eat the rats then there is no food supply for the snakes!

Remember Waldo?  He is the cat that practically lived here until that day that his leg got caught in some sort of animal trap.  I tried to help him but he was scare and probably in a lot of pain.  Had not seen him since and for all practical purposes knew he was dead :(

Or so I thought...well on Tuesday morning there was a cat fight right by the kitchen door.  Went out to see what all the commotion was about and I will be darn if it wasn't Waldo running off the new cat!

His left hind leg looked to have had some sort of amputation but he looked fat and healthy otherwise. Again my respects to all those people that have a concealed weapon on them...I do not know how they do it...I can't even carry my camera on me half the time and it sure weighs less than a firearm!

Anyways he chased him or her out of the property and since that day I have not seen either one of them.

I am very happy Waldo is OK :-)

Thursday, December 5, 2013

Gone, Back, Gone, Back....

It seems like his owner is playing a game.  Walter is vanished, then he comes back and then he is gone again.

Monday afternoon when we came back from Mexico I spotted him grazing on an empty lot in front of his owner's house.  When I went to feed him that evening, he was nowhere in sight.  Now I know that man was not going to drive him anywhere that late in the day and his horse trailer was where it usually is.  Did he leave him at the neighbors all night?

Tuesday morning I was getting the car ready for our second trip to Mexico when I spotted Walter with his saddle and in his horse trailer just as his worthless owner was pulling out.  Darn...where was my camera when I needed it!  He looked so handsome :-)

He did not return or if he did, it was not to his corral.  Around ten or so this morning I saw his owner pull in to the corral with his trailer attached but no Walter.  This afternoon as I was coming back from town I spotted him once again grazing at the neighbor's empty lot...with no water in sight!

The temperatures dropped significantly today and I took a two and a half hour nap early this evening. By the time I got up it was dark and too cold to go see if in fact he was back in his corral.  At least I know he ate today.

Sunday, December 1, 2013

He is gone AWOL again :-(

Last time I saw him was Saturday morning in his corral.  Saw his owner nearby so did not go visit him till later.  No Walter...figured he was grazing on their weeds in the other lot.  Came back to feed him that night but he was nowhere in sight :-(

No sign of him today either.  Maybe he was vanished to the nephew's house?

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Imbecile Teenager

Was looking out the window when I saw that worthless teenager jog by our house...was there no school today?  Went to the corral and I saw that the water barrel was now upright but I could not tell if it had been filled.

Did not have my camera on me to document how perfectly he had it aligned. Know this lazy ass teenager too well to believe he had filled it up... I believe he did it for my benefit. It takes a lot more than that to outwit heartless imbecile teenager!!!

Not wanting to be caught watering him decided to come back later this time with a gallon of water. Due to my bad back can only carry one...max two gallons at a time.

During my absence I believe Walter must have downed that sucker again because while upright...that barrel was not in the same perfect position under the new tubing.  As a matter of fact, it was at least four feet from it. Had it been full, that idiot teenager would not have been able to move it!

As I have noted before, Walter would rather eat than drink water.  I came back with only water and he quickly lapped up four gallons.  Returned after sunset and fed him a good dinner, as it is going to be close to the freezing mark tonight.

This makes day three of no water or food by his worthless owners.

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Being fed and watered every two days now

Yesterday afternoon I had to make a trip to town and came back late.  It was cold so did not bother to offer him water since he always refuses to drink it.  Just fed him.

I did not get to the corral until this afternoon and he had downed his water barrel to let the stupid kid know he needed water but since he was at school... I gave him some.

I have no idea why they put in that piping to his barrel...what purpose does it serve?  It sure isn't to fill it up!

He was agitated moving his head from side to side so I decided to feed him early since the temperatures are suppose to drop tonight near the freezing mark.

Kept an eye on him but no one fed him this afternoon or evening either.  I walked over there to check on the water situation and as I was walking back the kid jogged by the house...I know he saw me but luckily I did not have his green bucket or anything on me to indicate I had fed and watered him.

Took out the trash and once again saw the kid jogging this time by the back of the church but he did not bother to even look Walter's way.  Last time he was fed by his owners was Sunday and prior to that...two days before.

Late this evening decided to give him a little extra because of the cold temperatures and brought him some more water but he refused to drink it.

Sunday, November 24, 2013

Cold, wet and hungry

I warned in my last post that my entries in this blog are not always happy ones and today is not the exception.

The cold front came in and the wind was blowing hard when I noticed that Walter was not in his corral.  Kept a eye out for him as I served mother breakfast.  A little later went to check on him.  My smart little guy was laying down by the fence hoping to block the strong wind from the north.  He saw me and got up hoping I had his pellets but I didn't and his owner was home so could not feed him.

Would you believe he did not feed him at all on Friday or for that matter Saturday? Those people are SCUM!!!

I guess it was too cold and rainy for the darn kid and father. I was not about to let him go hungry...cold and rain were not going to keep me away!

Remember how I mentioned that I have no way of knowing if he is fed in the mornings before they go to school and work because I don't make it to his corral until after 10:00 a.m.?  Well this time I was out there by 7:00 a.m. with my flashlight Friday, Saturday and today Sunday....they did not do a morning feed!!!

Today Sunday at 1:30 p.m. they finally remembered they had a hungry horse, gggrrrrrrrrr!!!

Note how wet the ground is and the piles of dirt he has to step on.

See how deep his hooves sink.  It can not be good for him to be stepping on this cold and wet dirt for a prolonged period of time.

To the new readers of the blog

One of my readers remarked how sad she feels when she reads this blog.  I replied that it made me equally sad to have to write it but that I did it with the hopes that perhaps someday this journal could be used as evidence against his worthless owners in a court of law.

I know there are a few new visitors to this blog that is why I wanted to explain the reason why I started this blog.  You may wonder why I do not pick up the telephone and call the authorities.  The answer to that is...I have...multiple times, even went in person twice to make a report hoping that seeing the pictures I presented them, I would be taken seriously...that was not the case.

In Val Verde County, Texas they do not pay any attention to cases of animal abuse or neglect which in my opinion are one and the same.  Only one officer took me seriously but then he went on leave and the ball was dropped one more time.

I have it all documented on my main blog but decided it made more sense to start a separate blog just about Walter.

Once in a while I will write a happy post but by in large that is the exception to the rule.  Not the way I would like for it to be..nothing would please me more than to report he is watered and fed daily. However, I have to stick to the this case the sad hard facts of Walter's life.

Thursday, November 21, 2013

Cold front on the way

I honestly do not know if the kid or father feed him before they go to school or work.  The earliest I make it down there is after 10:00 a.m. when I finish my morning chores.  All I know is that he gobbles up the horse pellets I take him.

What I am sure of is that he has not been fed in the afternoon or evenings in a couple of days.  I keep close tabs on him and on the cars in the driveway at any given time.

The father works very odd hours and then disappears for a couple of days.  When I do go feed him at night I can see that the television set is on which leads me to believe that at least the kid (more like a teenager) is home.

With the rain and the cold front on the way I made sure he got a very good meal tonight...though I was disappointed he turned down the water I offered him.

Thanks for visiting Walter's World.

Sunday, November 17, 2013

A different bridle

It turned out to be a beautiful warm and sunny day...however, this morning when I went to check up on him... it was foggy and a little on the cool side.

Was so glad he had a previous bridle on because the other one they bought him was rough and brittle.  The cheap kind they make in Mexico out of heavy rope (see header picture).

He looked a little sad this morning

Like I mentioned yesterday...his owner strewn the bags of his feed so if the authorities come, they can see he has lots of feed...too bad he is not fed on a regular basis...only when the kid or father feel like it.

They did some kind of an upgrade to his water hose, though I can't figure out what or what purpose it serves.

They really need to take out all the poop and dirt...see how his hooves sink in this mess...

Saturday, November 16, 2013

Grazing on his owner's lot

My back is acting up once more so I have not been able to make my multiple daily trips to the fence line but I have been keeping an eye on him from the kitchen window.

Friday, I saw his owner's truck backing up to the corral and thought perhaps he was going to take him somewhere but that was not the case.  He backed up the truck to unload two bags of horse feed into an old blue water container he keeps just outside of the corral.

Was looking for my binoculars to get a better look but then remembered I had not unpacked them from my trip to the desert yet.  Funny, I could not see Walter so after he left I went to check on him.  They had taken him out of his corral and had him grazing on their weeds.

The same was true for today (Saturday) they had him on the other side of their lot.  This is all good and well since his corral is wet from the recent rains and he needs the exercise but how can it not cross that man's head that Walter needs water to go along with those weeds?

Silly me...if he does not even fill up his water barrel when he is in the corral... why would he make an effort to set another one out and make it available to him?  As much as I would have liked to have watered him, I can not walk unto private property.  Even if I could...there was no way I could carry even one gallon of water with my hurting back.

My poor little guy...he either has food and no water or vice versa or what is worst neither of them.

Thanks for visiting Walter's World.

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Grass clippings

It was cold this morning and I did not want to confirm what I already one had fed or watered him. Last night I gave him the rest of his horse pellets and it wasn't much.

He looked sad especially since I only brought him water and I knew he wanted food.

Got out my handy shears and started cutting the tall grass to tie him over until I could get to town.

He happily munched on it....

Cut him three containers....

Went to purchase him some more horse pellets and was pleasantly surprised that they had gone down in price.

When I passed his house I saw his owner's truck in the driveway...I go to great pains to keep them from seeing me feed him.  This afternoon I went to scope out the corral and I am happy to report that they finally filled his water barrel and had given him hay.

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Simply Shameful!

It has been drizzling and cloudy for the most part this week.  Tonight we are expecting a cold front so I went to check up on my little guy this afternoon.  I took a gallon water jug and his green container just in case and sure enough he drank it up immediately :-(

When I looked in his corral it was obvious why he was so thirsty.  Darn those heartless people especially that worthless kid...though as a 15 or 16 year old he can no longer be called that.  I guess he is now a lazy ass teenager...grrrrrrr!!!!

No water

No food

Karma is a bitch and I hope when both he and his father are old and in a nursing home their care taker "forgets" to feed and water them both.  Believe me it happens and I have seen it with my own eyes as my father was in a nursing home for six years before he passed away.

Who in the heck can not take pity on this little sweet face?

Saturday, November 9, 2013

My neglected little guy

When I got back from frolicking in the desert it was raining and though I could see him I did not go visit him.

Tuesday morning I grabbed a gallon of water and walked to his corral...I just had a gut feeling...sure enough he drank it all.  If you have been reading this blog for a while you know Walter would rather eat than drink water.

Came back several times and he ended up drinking 7 gallons....which only made me wonder how long he had been without water!  Damn those worthless owners of his!!!

I still had some horse pellets even though not many since I never bothered to re-stock thinking he had been sold.  He gobbled those up too!

Why oh why do these people even want a horse they do not bother to water or feed?

Sunday, October 20, 2013

Walter is not a happy camper

This morning Walter was grazing bright and early.  Went to fill up his water container...two hours later came back to check up on him and found him back in his corral.

He was neighing and he was moving his head from side to side as if in disgust or frustration.  Put on my tennis shoes and walked to the corral.  He would not even turn to look at me even though I called out his name numerous times!

Came back a couple of hours later and he still ignored me!  Little Walter it is not my fault your owner took you back to your corral :-(

Saturday, October 19, 2013

Walter spent the night

No one came to pick up Walter last night so he spent the night at Mom's house.  The good thing about that is that he was up early helping me do yard work.

This evening I had to go to the laundromat and I did not get home till almost ten o'clock.  When I got back I found him laying down sleeping close to my bedroom window.  If I had known he was there I would have parked the car where I usually do as to not disturb him.

I parked up front so I would not have to carry the tons of laundry I washed tonight.  He did not get up but watched me unload the car.  A while later he got up and started grazing again.

I am so glad his owners did not come to get him.  At least at my Mom's he has lots of room to roam, some dry ground to lay on, fresh water and all the grass he wants to eat.

Thank you for paying a visit to Walter's World :)

Friday, October 18, 2013

My little gardener was hard at work today

It was around 9:30 a.m. when Mom told me that she just saw Walter walk by the front window.  Went to look and he was in the north part of the property grazing to his hearts content.

This is the area where Cliff and friends cut down a huge mesquite tree and the weeds and native grass have grown quite a bit.  Not a problem for my little gardener...he just ate away.

I guess when you have to go, well you have to go...jajajajaja!

The only down side...if there is one, is that the ground has not totally dried from the recent rains and there are hooves marks all over the place.

 Just when I had thought those darn horse flies were gone...they make their presence known :-(

Here Walter goes on his weed trimming mode...

I will take Walter any day over Mata Gatos (Cat Killer) mother's handyman who is a jack of all trades and master of none.

Thursday, October 17, 2013

After an absence of 66 Days....

After an absence of 66 little Walter is back!!!

As I drove by his house I saw his owner's truck was home...kind of early for a Thursday afternoon, I thought. Drove into our driveway and as I was getting the things down from the car...I noticed something moving in the corral.

I am nearsighted but it looked like a horse with a reddish colored bridle.  I did not want to get my hopes up....remember last time it was a mare and not Walter? Since I have known him he has had a green bridle.

As I approached the corral...I knew it was Walter!  I called out his name but he ignored me :-(

He was too busy eating the grass that grew inside this round metal thing during his absence.  Mr. Walter does not like to be disturbed while he is eating, lol.  I came by later and he finally came over to the fence line and let me pet him.

He looks like he was well fed even though a bit dirty.  His eyes had a sparkle to them.  I am so glad he is finally home :)